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We're making progress!!

the project

Our students, families, staff, and volunteers beat the odds against the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with energy and enthusiasm, and came out of that year stronger and more resilient. Whether you have supported us in the past or are being introduced to us for the first time, we hope you will support our programs and the impressive, deserving community they serve. Their success is our whole society’s success. 

the steps

Building our tomorrows

  • Build long-term sustainability by expanding our donor base by developing our grant-writing and outreach opportunities. (Let us know if you can help with this goal!)
  • Facility improvements and maintenance to enhance student learning environment. 
  • More professional development and salary increases for teachers and staff

why we're doing it

Our program is too small to meet criteria for many of the larger grants we seek. We make it work with small grants and individual donations. We need your financial support so that we can continue to help our families overcome the normal problems facing vulnerable communities along with the extraordinary challenges caused by the pandemic.

Students in our program come with an abundant supply of grit, independence, entrepreneurial talent, and sense of community. Often what stands between them and integration into the workforce and meaningful employment, is greater facility with English and a high-school diploma. Help us continue to provide the skills and opportunities to build their tomorrows. When they do better, we ALL do better!


Disbursed Budget 1.28.22

    # students  
 ESL book  $18 11  $                   198.00
 GED textbook (four to complete the program) $35 10  $                   350.00
registration fee $40 19  $                   760.00
 cost of childcare for one month for one family $50 10  $                   500.00
Direct Assistance to prevent financial or housing insecurities $150 15  $               2,250.00
cost of educating one student for one semester $350 20  $               7,000.00
TOTAL      $    11,058.00

TOTAL RAISED = $11,391.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $341.73

Original Budget

$18 buys an ESL book
$35 Buys one GED textbook (four to complete the program)
$40 pays for registration fee
$50 Pays for the cost of childcare for one month for one family
$100 Pays for a Saturday enrichment presentation
$150 Direct Assistance to prevent financial or housing insecurities
$350 Pays the cost of educating one student for one semester

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


We're making progress!!

Thanks to our generous donors we are over 50% of our goal.

Less than 8 days left!  Muchas gracias!

We're making progress!!

Thanks to our donors we are now at 40% of our goal

                            with 12 days to go! 

                               Great work, everyone. 

                                                Let's KEEP GOING!!!

Our Program / Significant challenges, significant accomplishments

  • Prepares adult learners for the GED examination through online and face2face classes taught exclusively in Spanish by bilingual speakers—we continue to be the only program with this model in the region.
  • Builds facility with English through English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.
  • Provides childcare while class is in session.
  • Offers after-school tutoring (grades 1-8) to all interested members of the community, 
  • Organizes workshops and trainings on COVID prevention at home and work, work safety, basic dental hygiene, immigration rights and responsibilities, domestic violence prevention, and personal finance. 
  • Enriches the educational experience of elementary and middle school students through creative summer programs including field trips throughout the Greater Detroit Area. 
  • Partners with local organizations, churches, and universities, including Southwest Solutions, UAW, Alliance Catholic Credit Union, Wayne State, and University of Detroit Mercy to build community. 
  • Serves our community in accessing basic necessities (food, housing security, electricity, water, heat), mental and health services, and resources to help those struggling during this crisis.

Significant challenges, significant accomplishments  

Despite the significant challenges of the pandemic, in the last year La Casa Guadalupana 

  • Graduated 12 students in December 2020 and 16 in June, 2021 (12 of them GED diplomas)—the December group with a parking lot ceremony, the June class graduating once again in our hall. The June graduation represented a 20% increase over the previous June.
  • Purchased new computers and upgraded our technology, which allowed us to offer more online and i-person classes, including a computer skills class to our Adult Basic Education students. We also donated eight computers to students and families.
  • Organized a back-to-school backpack Give Away, a Christmas Pajama Give Away, and an Easter Basket Give Away.
  • Held a summer program for children featuring local architecture, with tours of Belle Isle and the Detroit Zoo.
  • Developed a partnership with University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry professionals and interns to provide a Dental Health Mobile Unit for students, staff, and local residents.
  • Held our first raffle, which thanks to the active participation of our students and donor community, was a huge success.
  • Thanks to donors like you, ended our last fiscal year financially solvent, more resilient, and more sustainable than ever.
  • Visit our website and Facebook pages to learn more about us. 
  • Also, volunteer! And consider visiting us! ¡Nuestra Casa es su Casa!  


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