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the project

Project Backboard believes that every person in Memphis should have access to a public outdoor basketball court that has both official three point lines and foul lines. 

Last summer Project Backboard renovated 21 public outdoor basketball courts in Memphis parks, adding lines, removing graffiti and making other improvement including over 30 works of art by both local and nationally recognized artists. 

See our past work at,

This summer our goal is to add the three point lines, foul lines and art enhancements to 18 courts in 13 public parks across the City of Memphis:

  1. Alcy-Samuels Park
  2. Alcy-Warren Park
  3. Douglass Park
  4. Lincoln Park
  5. New Chicago Park
  6. Patton Park
  7. Pickett Park
  8. Pine Hill Park
  9. Lucille Price Park
  10. Minnie Wagner Park
  11. Westside Park
  12. Westwood Park

The number of parks we can stripe depends on how much funding we can raise.

A donation of :

  • $150 = Full court with art enhanced key
  • $75 = Lines on one full-court
  • $40 = Lines on one half-court
  • $20 = Foul line and three point line on one half-court

the steps

  1. Purchase paint
  2. Apply sunscreen
  3. Paint lines, goal-posts, art and remove graffiti
  4. Hoop

why we're doing it

Basketball is a melting pot sport; it is America's most popular team sport across all ages and genders and it is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and nationalities.  Outdoor basketball courts in public parks are natural gathering sports that help build healthier communities. 

Memphians love basketball, especially the Grizz and Tigers, but many of the City's outdoor courts need basic amenities, such as foul lines and three point lines, in order to ensure the next generation of Memphis hoopers and hoop fans can stand next to the legends of Memphis basketball past. 



RAISED = $3,500.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $100.92

Paint and Painting Supplies = $780.08

Gared 42 X 72 Rectangular Steel Backboard with Target and Border: $646 X 4
= $2584



Paint and painting supplies:18 Courts x $300 = $5400

Graffiti cleaner and supplies = $100

SUBTOTAL = $5,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $165



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