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Interactive Photo Map of Public Basketball Courts in Memphis

the project

Our goal is to (1) stripe the courts, (2) paint goal posts, (3) cover graffiti and (4) where appropriate, replace backboards and cover old corporate logos with graphic backboards, in 15 City of Memphis basketball courts by September 2015. 

Currently, of the 51 outdoor courts in City of Memphis parks, only 13 are striped.  Only 45 backboards are metal.  3 backboards are wood and the remaining 54 are composite, many of which are cracking in the corners and do not have bank-shot squares.  

Without lines, it is not possible to play an "official" basketball game outdoors in most city parks.  People who wish to work on their fundamentals, like free throw shooting, must either work around the crowds at community center gyms or guess where the foul line or three point line should be. 

Making minor improvements to basketball courts in Memphis will help improve basketball fundamentals across the city and increase usage of city park facilities which will help improve park safety and add to a general sense of community in neighborhoods. 

A donation of:

$150 = New graphic backboards

$75 = One complete court (new lines, painted posts and covered graffiti)

$30 = New lines on a half-court

$15 = New lines on a key



the steps

(1) Purchase reusable court stencil, (2) purchase paint (3) paint courts and where appropriate (4) purchase and install steel backboards and (5) collaborate with artists to design purchase and install backboard wraps.

why we're doing it

In addition to creating outdoor courts that can be used for pick-up or for an official game and a place for people to develop their basketball fundamentals, we believe that more attractive park amenities, like basketball courts, help build stronger communities by increasing social interaction between different groups. 

Basketball is the most popular recreational sport in the United States and if Memphis wants to truly live up to the "Hoop City" nickname, outdoor basketball facilities in the city need basic improvements like lines.




Reusable Court Stencil $400.00
2 Steel Backboards (Pierotti Park) $1,300.00
15 Courts x 100 each $1,500.00

8 Graphic Backboard Wraps (Morris Park & Others) = $2,400

Project Backboard Tournament (Officials, Jerseys, Basketballs) = $44.44

RAISED = $6,131.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $282.22
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $169.33



Reusable Court Stencil $400.00
2 Steel Backboards (Pierotti Park) $1,300.00
4 Graphic Backboard Wraps (Morris Park) $1,200.00
15 Courts x 100 each $1,500.00
TOTAL COST: $4,400.00

SUBTOTAL = $4,400
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $132


REVISED BUDGET (as of 4/3/15):

Reusable Court Stencil $400.00
2 Steel Backboards (Pierotti Park) $1,300.00
15 Courts x 100 each $1,500.00
TOTAL COST: $4,400.00

8 Graphic Backboard Wraps (Morris Park & Others) = $2,400

Project Backboard Tournament (Officials, Jerseys, Basketballs) = $400

SUBTOTAL = $6,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $180



Kenny "The Jet" Smith in Memphis talking about the importance of outdoor basketball courts.

Hope arrives by ‘Jet’ as NBA star talks community and gives back

TV basketball analyst and former two-time NBA Champion, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, on Wednesday made a $15,000 donation to the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals on behalf of Coors Light to refresh a community basketball court in Memphis.

Designed to restore community basketball courts in need, the Coors Light Full Court refresh program is now in it’s second year. In an era where social media has become the giant of information sharing, Coors Light has also agreed to make donations for every tweet using these hashtags: #fullcourtreFRESH and #over21

Smith, who made an appearance at the Memphis Urban League headquarters on Cleveland, noted that the refresh program doubled this year and he envisions a similar jump next year.

“I grew up in New York playing on basketball playgrounds just as kids do here. I always thought that a playground was the centerpiece for the community and not just for people playing basketball,” he said.

“So to me when that looks not refreshed, I think the community feels that it may not be thought of or thought about in like maybe they don’t have the same sense of pride as other communities. This is why I wanted to be a part of something like this to let communities know that we do think of you in a great manner and we’re willing to help.

Completed courts by Project Backboard


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