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Meet our New Surf Transport Vehicle

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STREETWAVES is busy preparing for our SUMMER SURF CAMP!! We are a grassroots non-profit organization whose team of volunteers provides OUTREACHMENTORSHIP, and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY in the ocean to fulfill our mission of creating enriching opportunities for inner-city youth. We MENTOR and EMPOWER youth from under-resourced communities through educational programming that teaches...

  • >> SURFING
  • >> BOATING

We are currently fundraising to acquire a SURF CARGO VAN to safely and efficiently transport our surfboards and gear to our meetup points along South Florida. We have an AWESOME NEW PARTNERSHIP with a local youth organization, which means there will be a lot of new children experiencing our empowering ocean mentorship program this summer. We need EXTRA SUPPORT to help us serve them better!

Over a year ago, StreetWaves’ old rusty surf van was towed and fined for appearing to be a “non-working vehicle” and unfortunately a lot of our best surfboards were stolen in the process as well. Since then, we have relied on personal vehicles from our team and volunteers to transport up to 20 boards, our beach tent and all our other surf camp equipment each time we meet up at our various beach locations to surf. NOT HAVING OUR OWN RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION FOR OUR EQUIPMENT SEVERELY LIMITS OUR SERVICES. 

We are asking for DONATIONS to help us reach our fundraising goal before Summer Camp begins. We also ask that you SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN on social media and with your network of amazing friends and family. Mahalo!

the steps


  • Immediately outfit our organization with a cargo truck to be utilized in transporting our surfboards and gear (Goal: 14 ft. Box Truck) 
  • Acquire the proper vehicle registration and insurance required
  • Customize it to hold 20 surfboards, pop-up beach tent and other surf accessories and equipment
  • Wrap truck with unique brand design to help us reach a broader community (if funds allow)
  • Immediately begin calling our established partnerships with youth organizations to schedule additional participants for Surf Camp which begins on June 19th. Knowing that we will be able to schedule more participants with ease on any day of the week without having to coordinate all the transport vehicles of our volunteers will make a significant difference in our ability to serve our mission.

why we're doing it

STREETWAVES MISSION: StreetWaves empowers under-resourced youth through educational marine based programming that teaches surfing, standup paddleboarding, sailing, environmental awareness and ocean safety. This enriching and sustainable program gets youth off the streets and involved in waves of opportunity. The majesty of the sea and the mastery of the ocean cultivate essential life-skills and supports the development of character, courage, and self-esteem while integrating student participants with an expanded diverse community.

COMMUNITY CHALLENGE:  The ocean is our playground here in South Florida and water sports have long had a healing effect on the mind, body and soul. Yet a majority of children from lower income neighborhoods near the beach are not exposed to the inspiring abundance that the sea has to offer because these activities often feel out of reach or are not financially possible. For many African American and Latino children, there is also the influence of a long-standing cultural stigma and fear related to swimming.  Statistics from the CDC and National Swimming Foundation show that Seventy percent of African-American and sixty percent of Hispanic/Latino children cannot swim. 

OUR OUTCOMES:  Students learn important new skills, work through fears or insecurities, commit to reaching their goal, and immediately flourish as they feel pride, confidence and triumph as they learn the life-saving ability to swim and also stand up on their board to catch a wave. Ocean water sports take focus, strength and commitment. The art of surfing cultivates strength within as they develop their personal aptitude for positive decision-making skills towards their life path. This successful program draws youth to a sustainable and healthy resource that offers beneficial personal growth, improved physical and emotional wellbeing, an increased awareness of their natural environment and most importantly, water safety skills. StreetWaves will continue to proudly serve disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County and thanks you in advance for your support!


Disbursement Budget:

$11,022. = Total StreetWaves Surf Vehicle Fundraising Goal
$6,500 will go to the acquisition of a Chevy Grumman Step van
$3,000 will go to mechanical upgrades and maintenance.
$1,000 will go outfitting it to safely store and transport surfboards,
paddleboards, beach tent and other equipment and gear
- Funds exceeding our budget goal will go towards van maintenance,
equipment and or fuel costs.

RAISED = $11,022.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $320.01
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $10,666.99

Original Budget:

$16,000 = Total StreetWaves Surf Vehicle Fundraising Goal


$14,000 will go to the acquisition of cargo vehicle such as a Dodge Ram ProMaster 1500 w/ High Roof

$2,000 will go to outfitting it to safely store and transport surfboards, paddleboards, beach tent and other equipment and gear

*** Funds exceeding our budget goal will go towards the following program costs:

  • Additional Surfboards, Paddleboards and Equipment 
  • Sponsorship for Student Participation in our year-round Ocean Mentorship Program

SUBTOTAL = 16,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $480
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,515



Meet our New Surf Transport Vehicle

Since 2008, when StreetWaves began, we have continued to evolve, grow and transform right alongside our participants. We have dreamed of a super dope surf vehicle outfitted to accommodate all our boards, beach gear AND students with a super sleek logo emblazoned on the side to share the stoke with others as we drive by.

We are proud to officially share our amazing new logo, designed by the talented Roiby Gonzalez. This design feels so in alignment with our mission and our vision. We are also very excited to announce that our Surf Van Fundraiser was a great success! Your generous contributions helped us to acquire a 24 ft. Chevy Grumman Step Van. This ex-SWAT Team vehicle, now known as "Dude Stokemeister", came already outfitted with two 11 ft. long benches to accommodate our instructors and participants. Currently at the shop enduring some transformations, Dude has had surf racks installed to hold up to 20 boards and some additional safety components such as seat belts are being added now. Mechanical components are being upgraded and soon we will add a customized wrap with our new logo to make it official. We are looking into replacing the engine with a new diesel and we are currently seeking volunteers from anyone wishing to lend their professional expertise to complete the ultimate transformation of our official StreetWaves Surf Vehicle. Interested volunteers can email us at for more details.

I want to extend a heartfelt MAHALO to all of our supporters who contributed to our campaign and to everyone along the years who has helped StreetWaves expand to the organization we are today. In my daily outreach to communities all along South Florida, I bare witness to the challenging realities that so many children face. I am determined more than ever to provide StreetWaves' empowering youth services year-round at no cost to the families in need. Just as I feel deep joy in knowing that I have manifested my dreams to fulfill a promise I made at my younger brother Melvyn's funeral, I want all children to know that they are capable of fulfilling their dreams too. 


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