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the project

We are recruiting 15 people to become NYC Certified Tree Pruners. They will take the TreesNY tree pruning course and then agree to actively go out and prune street trees in Queens. Simple as you will get trained and enjoy the wide open spaces of Queens, while improving the quality of life by pruning street trees that will be eternally grateful. 

Street trees are in desperate need of pruning, watering and just some plain TLC. Its good exercise for volunteers that prune and will improve the overall treescape of the borough.

the steps

We will round up the volunteers, make arrangements for the course, and make sure everyone successfully completes the course. Pruners will then be asked to go out and prune as many trees as possible. This is a commitment to the trees of Queens and must be taken very seriously.

why we're doing it

Lets face it-Street trees are often abused or neglected. We need to make a major effort to rescue and assist as many trees as possible. We know that by training and supporting pruners they can do it.

So figure 15 pruners X 100 trees during the spring = 1500 trees that will get the care they need and deserve to survive another season.


15 people taking training course leading to certification 15@100.00=1500.00
Pruning saws 15@30.00 each=$450.00
Bypass pruners 15@$20.00=300.00

Subtotal = $2250
3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $67.50
ioby materials and labor = $35
Budget Total =


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