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the project

The NYC government, the Parks Department, and agencies empowered by the government, are ill equipped to care for street trees after they are planted. Although there are programs to train citizen volunteers as tree pruners, the critical care of trees including watering, nutrition, correct construction of tree pits, and the removal of harmful substances must be maintained by the residents in direct proximity of the trees. Furthermore, many neighborhoods need to be encouraged to request tree plantings when the city makes them available. Neighborhood support of city trees must be cultivated in tandem with tree planting drives. Otherwise, there is potential apathy and greater risk of the early demise of planted trees from neglect and arborcide.

the steps

BrooklynShade partners with a NYC community organization to teach residents how to build their own affordable tree pit guard. Before the clinic, a street tree is selected for the demonstration. During the clinic, students first learn about proper tree care. Then, the class builds a brand new tree guard from reclaimed wood. Participants leave with step-by-step instructions to build their own street tree guards.

why we're doing it

BrooklynShade's project to offer free tree guard building clinics in local city neighborhoods will teach communities how a proper tree guard will prolong the life of street trees planted by the MillionTreesNYC initiative. Our clinic teaches the safe and affordable construction of a basic tree guard with hand tools along with valuable information regarding the proper care of a street tree.


Construction Materials ($50.00/wooden guard x 2 for Nov. 1st): $100.00
Printed Presentation Slides: $40.00
Color Prints of Local Tree Pit Case Studies: $30.00
Fliers to Promote event: $20.00
One Time Tool Expense (Coping Saws, Drills, Panel Saws, Miter Box, Tape Measures, sledge hammer, pick, shovel): $300.00
Budget total: $460
3% third party credit card processing fee: $13.80
Total to fundraise: $473.80


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