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the project

Step shoes is a community project designed to build a tribe of runners who engage in community and workforce development that targets the African American community. We believe that movement is the center for all personal and professional advancement. Our training and services integrate running fitness, transformational leadership, community engagement, civic education and entrepreneurship into an innovative and one of a kind total wellness program and pipeline. Our goal is to reverse the trends in racial healthcare disparities and poverty amongst African American males.    



the steps

The first part of our program is about establishing a tribe of black male runners. We have a 90-day action plan in organizing and establishing a tribe of consistent runners to run every Saturday morning through the Dudley Square neighborhood.  We are currently working closely with neighborhood run, fitness, and career coaches to establish a structured process for individuals who want to gain control of their fitness and career development. 

As runners are on boarded into our running tribe the will meet one on one with our fitness and career coaches to learn about their goals and begin to develop action plan.

why we're doing it

The step shoes project is specfically designed to address two systemic problems amongst African American males, racial healthcare disparties and the poverty rate.  African Americans males suffer from the largest health care disparties in the country in almost every category; 44% of black men over the age of 20 suffer from a cardiovascular disease, compared to their white counter parts 60% of black men are more likely to die from a stroke and 200% are most likely to die from diabetes or prostrate cancer. When it comes to poverty African American has the highest rate which currently stands at 28% nationally. 

Step shoes has created an innovative and comprehensive coopertaive for black professionals coaches in exercize and fitness, career development and transformational leadership, nutrition and total wellness, community engament and civic education, entreprenuership and innovation that supports their professional services and provides qualified canidates to train and mentor.   



$600 - Filing Fee for Nonprofit status                                       

$1500 – For the development of program training material 

$1500 – For the purchase of a Step Shoes Laptop

$900 – For the purchase of a Step Shoes Phone

$2000 – For the purchase Step Shoe inventory for year

$1000 – For the purchase of Step Shoes running T-Shirt inventory and promotional give-a-ways

$3000 – To host promotional events which include 4 running clinic popups, 3 outdoor and 1 indoor

$2500 For social media and branding, which includes video production

Subtotal = $13,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $650

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $390

Total to raise = $14,075



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