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Steel City Arts Initiative's goal is to bring culture, arts, and music education to ALL in the Pittsburgh area. Art and music are a necessity to not only our youth, but our community and our culture. They are as fundamental as any other school subject, and research has shown arts' ability to create resiliency, personality, and coping mechanisms that our youth lack and struggle without.

Art and music empower our youth allowing them to grow into active members of society. Art and music allow children to develop motor skills, foster creativity, practice self expression, and increase resiliency. However, nationally, thirty percent of public elementary schools do not have art classes; not to mention secondary schools and private schools. That's why Young Men and Women's African Heritage Association launched Steel City Arts Initiative, or SCAI, to ensure our youth receive arts-centered education within Pittsburgh schools.

Our goal is to bring arts-centered educators to all schools within Allegheny county that otherwise lack the funding to provide these classes. In order to do so, we are in need of supplies, educational materials, musical instruments and continued training of our educators to meet national standards of art and music curriculum. Once we have set roots within the schools, we plan on resurfacing past programs such as steel drums, quilting, and gardening in our community. We realized that some of our youth and adults interested in these classes had never received the basic education of arts, and that is why we want to work from the ground up. This would allow for unity, therapeutic and cultural development, and cultivate healthy, resilient, self empowered, and creative youth as the future for our community and world. These youth can continue to use and teach others what they have learned, thus creating a domino effect of positive interaction and community involvement.


But, we need your help! To ensure our youth are receiving quality arts-centered education, we are in need of donations to purchase art supplies and musical instruments, as well as to continue to train our staff of educators and supply them with quality educational materials.


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the steps

Step 1: Purchase art supplies and musical instruments that are needed for national standards curriculum. 

Step 2: Continue education/training for our art and music educators

Step 3: Update educational materials for our teachers.

Step 4: Cultivate quality arts-centered education for our youth

Step 5: Allow our youth to teach our community what they have learned.

Step 6: Repeat

why we're doing it


Our goal is to ensure all children receive a quality education to share with the community.  Through art and music, children are able to learn from their mistakes, experiment, express themselves, embrace culture and diversity, and develop into their own identities. These are crucial learning experiences for every person in our society. If our youth learn these skills young, they are able to teach our community what they have learned, and create a more unified society. 


Disbursed Budget:

$968.93, Young Men and Women's African Heritage

Association will be able to fund program development for Steel City Arts

Initiative in the form of training for art and music educators, educational

supplies for educators, and supplies for our youth enrolled in the

programs. With these gracious donations, we are able to continue to bring

art, music and culture to under served schools that otherwise would not

have art and music curriculum.

RAISED = $1,033.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $29.07

Original Budget:

Art/Music Supplies: $6,000

Educator Training: $3,000

Educational Materials: $3,000

SUBTOTAL = 12,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $360
TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,395




To all our wonderful, greathearted supporters,

On behalf of the children and families of The Young Men and Women's African Heritage Association, we thank you! Without your generous donation, we would not be able to continue to bring art, music and culture to our community through Steel City Arts Initiative. We appreciate you, and look forward to continuing to work together to unify our community. 


YMWAHA Staff and Families


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