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Staten Island (Tappen Park is in Stapleton, Freshkills Park is in Travis, Aesop Park is in Tottenville, and Leon Kaiser Park is in Coney Island, Brooklyn. )
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the project

 Staten Island OutLOUD promotes cross-cultural understanding by gathering diverse neighbors to explore global classics together, and to share ideas.  Since our establishment in September 2001, we've hosted hundreds of free events (in 20 languages!) in many different community settings.   

  Staten Island OutLOUD is especially pleased to bring neighbors to NYC's parks, and we take special pride in introducing folks to some of the city's under-used parks.  For example, Staten Island's historic Tappen Park is a community jewel that has been lovingly restored after decades of neglect.  It resembles a 19th century town square.  Staten Island OutLOUD has brought hundreds of people back to Tappen Park to enjoy our cultural events. 

  During 2011-12 Staten Island OutLOUD is hosting a series of free special events, through Partnership For Parks, in Tappen Park, Aesop Park and Freshkills Park (NYC's newest park, an international model of creative land reclamation).  Recently we also began hosting community cultural events in Brooklyn's Leon Kaiser Park, a charming waterside resource.

  All our events are free, and open to the public.  Details on upcoming events are posted on our website ( and on our Facebook Page (  Follow us on Twitter:

the steps

We've already secured permission to host events in three Staten Island parks, and we've set the dates & times.
The date for our Leon Kaiser Park event is tentatively set for Saturday Oct 22 at 4pm. We expect confirmation from the Park Coordinator by Sept 26; as soon as he confirms, we'll post that info on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Posters for our Leon Kaiser park event will be distributed about 2 weeks before that event takes place.

We've created postcard announcements and flyers for all Staten Island parks events, and we've begun distributing them around town.  We've posted our schedules on our website and Facebook Page, and we've started publicizing via Twitter. 

During the week of Sept 25 we'll do a big mailing of postcards throughout the community.  We'll also begin our email blasts that week.  

Press information will go out to newspapers and broadcast media on Sept 26. 

By October 1, we'll have copies of the featured literature ready for distribution to our guests at our first event (Sat Oct 8 in Freshkills Park). 

Then, throughout the Autumn, we'll regularly update our press announcements, Facebook and Twitter postings, and email blasts, to publicize each of our subsequent events approximately 10 days before each event takes place ( through November 27). 

why we're doing it

We believe that it is equally important to spotlight NYC's parks as cultural destinations, in addition to their functions as recreational and conservation centers. We educate community members by hosting literary events; we make it fun and enlightening because we present quality literature that's accessible to a wide variety of readers. We strengthen communities by introducing diverse groups of neighbors, and by building understanding among them. 


Printing, Supplies, Copies, Postage and Mailing project total= $300 ioby fee = $24


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