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Who is The Which House?

the project

This is a project to show what the arts and agriculture can do to uplift one another, and the communities they serve. Both need support. Both try to grow. Both take time. When I asked Sylvia--owner and operator of Greendoor Gourmet--what is the ONE THING she wished people knew about farming naturally she responded, "time. The amount of time it takes." 

Watching Ms. Pearl serve her community out of the joy and love in her heart is a lesson to each of us: good food comes from our own backyards. The arts and farming teach us perseverance, and show us that dreaming and nurturing make real results that have real effects on others' lives. 

it can be hard to cut through the noise in today's world. I believe that if we as a society can get our food system on track with environmental justice and equity then we have a good chance of saving life as we know it. I call on artists everywhere to make art about the growers in their communities, to spotlight those who are already doing this work. When you show people what is happening you can create a hopeful experience. More hope means continued action. My organization, The Which House, believes in the power of the arts to engender transformational change. We want to empower others to believe the same because they've experienced it for themselves. 

the steps

The artists and growers who helped make this project did so because they believed in the work. I want to be able to give them each an honorarium, and pay my editor's hourly rate (already discounted to a friend rate). These funds will enable me to pay them each in a timely way that would take me months to send-fund. 

why we're doing it

Nobody should be hungry in the world. There is a fundamental disconnect between us and the land that is not natural. We can fix this. We can reconnect to the land, and to our food. It is easier than we think. We can support those already doing this work. We can inspire others to follow their example. We can teach people how to garden, and grow and preserve their own food. This is human knowledge we all deserve to have. The more people think about their food and how it gets to them, the more momentum we can build toward fixing our food system entirely. 



Honorariums $452.02


TOTAL RAISED = $466.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $13.98



Location Honorariums- $3000

Editor- $1000

Performer/Director/Producers- $1000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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Who is The Which House?

We are an intentional arts company dedicated to incorporating and facilitating art from and for community. We care deeply about environmental justice. We believe that the arts are the best way to generate change from the inside out. We have more projects in the works, and every dollar you donate goes directly towards the making of that work. It goes toward community-building. It goes to support artists. We're dedicated to modeling the behavior we wish to see in the world. This includes grace for the people who partner with us, flexibility and adaptability, compassion and empathy. Thank you for stopping by! 


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