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the project

I've been a crossing guard at 113th and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive for years and everyday I see hundreds of cars speed past the small children headed to school endangering their lives. My job is to help the kids cross the street safely but I need your help. Our kids deserve safe pathways to school.

The lives of kids at both Harvey Rice and the Intergenerational School are in jepardy when drivers zoom down the massive two lane street behind the St. Luke's building. We are in desperate need of traffic calming measures to notify drivers that this is a school zone. Currently there are school signs, crossing guards, and a crosswalk, all of which are routinely ignored by drivers.

the steps

  1. Join the next Making Our Own Spaces (MOOS) meeting with 12 middle school and high school students from the neighborhood to design the best intervention(s)
  2. Fundraise $750 from stakeholders including neighbors, parents, Councilpersons, St. Luke's Pointe employees, friends and family.
  3. Purchase supplies
  4. Build/install and implement intervention(s)

why we're doing it

One child was hit on E. 116th and an elderly gentleman was killed crossing the street in the neighborhood earlier this summer. Please help us slow traffic so the kids and the rest of the community can safely cross the street here.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 5.11.17):

Budget: $250 for neon colored traffic cones, $250 for roll out speed bumps, and $300 for assorted supplies including sidewalk chalk, planters and signage

RAISED = $805.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) waived


Paint $150 

Signs $200

Wood and building materials $350

Food for design Party $50


ioby Platform Fee  waived
Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived



Planning Meeting Photos

Project featured on ioby's national blog!

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