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1430 Spring Garden Avenue
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the project

Spring Garden Avenue winds through the valley between Troy Hill and Spring Hill, and its many residents walk along this traffic artery to reach their jobs and everyday amenities such as Waltmire's Pharmacy and the dollar store. Years of disinvestment, however, have led to crumbling sidewalks and unsightly lots. We aim to repair one long stretch of sidewalk connecting residents to the local pharmacy and to beautify the empty lots along this walkway -- to make Spring Garden Valley vibrant once again!

The Deutschtown Gateway is a barren stretch of land where Rte. 28 connects with East Ohio Street and Troy Hill Rd. We plan to bring new life to this area with sidewalks and crosswalks, plantings, and a plaza that will get pedestrians safely through these busy corridors and invite people from the Riverfront Trail extension into our neighborhood.

Both of these gateway areas will promote economic redevelopment in our communities.

the steps

 We will secure the cooperation of the private property owners and reaffirm existing agreements with the City of Pittsburgh and PennDot.

We will enlist the assistance of city's Department of Public Works through Love Your Block or Adopt-A-Lot programs.

We will commission the required survey and construction documents for the Deutschtown Gateway and file an application with the Art Commission.

We will work with public and private owners to clear overgrown lots and pour new sidewalks as needed in Spring Garden.

We will engage a private landscaper as needed to prep the planting beds and put down stone borders.

We will organize a community work day this spring for planting and mulching the Spring Garden gateway.

why we're doing it

Our Spring Garden community has many residents who use public arteries and transit to get to jobs and stores, some of them in wheelchairs, but years of abandonment and disinvestment have made this part of our main thoroughfare impassible. There are spots where individuals have to go out into the street - a very dangerous move on such a busy street! Our project will reconnect citizens to vital amenities by providing safe surfaces and a pleasant passage for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

At our Deutschtown Gateway, the heavy traffic and barren land make a landscape that is daunting uninviting for pedestrians and bicyclists. It also presents a wasteland image to 100,000-plus commuters who pass through this corridor every day via Rte. 28 and the Veterans Bridge. Our work will transform a high-profile city entrance, making it attractive, safe and inviting. This transformation will in turn spur economic redevelopment.



For Spring Garden Gateway:

Sidewalks $7,000

Soil $1,000

Boulders for Borders $1,000

Mulch $1,000

Plants $801.60

TOTAL: $10,801.60

For Deutschtown Gateway:

Surveys & Construction Drawings $3,500

Sidewalks $5,000 TOTAL $8,500

TOTAL RAISED = $19,630.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $293.40


For Spring Garden:

Sidewalks -- $7,500

Soil -- $1,000

Boulders for Borders -- $1,500

Mulch -- $1,000

Plants -- $1,500

TOTAL: $12,500


for Deutschtown:

Surveys & Construction Drawings: $5,000

Sidewalks -- $7,500

TOTAL: $12,500


ALL TOTAL: $25,000


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $774
TOTAL TO RAISE = $25,809


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