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the project

The Spinning Bubbles Dance Program provides free online classes to girls around the world. However, we are looking to expand to in-person spaces, which we have done in the past through park performances. We hope to not only continue this programming, but we would also like to bring our dancers to watch and perform more. 

Spinning Bubbles is a three-year-old program founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have been providing free dance classes to girls around the world since then. However, because we were founded and live in the epicenter of the culture and the arts, we are always looking to bring our program in-person to the people of New York City, and vice versa. We want to bring the inspiration of New York City to our own dancers, and there is no better way to do that than by bringing that world to them. 

the steps

1. We will host presentations to inform the public about the disparities in dance education. 

2. We will perform. We will show what we, as high school and college students, are doing to close the gap and divide in dance education.  

3. We will watch. We will bring our dancers to the local and world-renowned performances in our own city. 

4. We will learn. We want to bring in a Broadway dancer to share her experience working in the industry and performing on the big stage. 

5. We will reflect. We will take a look back on what we've learned from our own performances and the inspirations we experienced to bring new perspectives to the way that our programming operations and provide new opportunities that are free and accessible to even more girls from around the world. 

why we're doing it

To summarize our mission in three words: because. girls. can.

We believe that every girl deserves every opportunity in the world to pursue her dreams in anything that she can imagine, but we also know that not everyone has the resources that enable success. In order to narrow the gap that divides access to opportunities, we provide different kinds of opportunities that match the interests and uniqueness of every child because with the proper tools and, of course, the right passion, girls can do anything.


Spinning Bubbles Presentations in the Park: $750 (x2)

As part of our ongoing annual park visits, we bring project boards and yoga mats to the park and teach dance classes in public alongside our own dancers to bring awareness to the lack of dance education in underserved communities in New York City and what we are doing to close the gap. Our presentations include bringing in music in the form of speakers, decorative project boards, and all of our dancers, both instructors and students, who are able to come from NYC or nearby cities. 

Spinning Bubbles Performances in the Park: $750 (x2)

In addition to the fundamental presentations we bring to the park to demonstrate the disparities within the dance community and arts education, we also host prepared performances in the park where the local dancers again come out with the dances that they've learned and perform them for the public in the park. We bring out music, flyers, dance supplies, which are funded by other sources, and goodies. Both the presentations and performances are free and open to the public and parkgoers. 

Dance Tickets to NYC Performances: $1,000.00

With our organization being located in the heart of the world's most intricate culture when it comes to dance and arts exploration, we want to encourage our volunteers and students to attend shows and performances in the city, including at more established institutions, like the Metropolitan Opera and the Joyce Dance Theatre, and more local organizations within the less urbanized areas of the five boroughs. The prices of tickets have always been at the forefront of our students' concerns, with our dance program serving girls who wouldn't otherwise have access to dance. These performances will also consist of projects produced by minority and BIPOC- groups. 

Guest Speaker: ($1000)

In the past, we were fortunate enough to receive speaking bits from well-known dancers and professionals in NYC like Maria Pucciarelli and the Sullivan twins. However, we would like to put aside some funding to invite a Broadway dancer to teach a class for our students, which typically comes with a high teaching fee that we are able to negotiate given the accessibility of our programming.

T-shirts, Volunteer supplies, and giftbags: $500

Our volunteers always receive t-shirts corresponding with the work that they've completed and customized gift bags to thank them for their service. Gift bags for dancers include pointe shoes and special prizes like turnboards.


Administrative/Overhead and Miscellaneous: $500


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