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the project

  I started an organization called Webbo's All-Stars; named after my father Brian Webster or Coach "Webbo". He was an avid sports fan, AAU Boys Basketball Coach, and father figure for all that knew him, including athletes at Southfield High School, which is the high school I attended. I played sports while at Southfield, and he attended every game I played in, as well as games that my friends were playing in, that I wasn't. My father passed away from complications from a stroke in the summer of 2018. While at the hospital everyday I saw all of the players he once coached or was currently coaching, close friends, of course family, my friends, and other young people he may have impacted. After losing him, I wanted to continue in his footsteps of impacting youth, and giving back in his name, and keeping his legacy alive. A place I want to contribute to, and have a lasting impact is Southfield A and T High School; formerly Southfield High School in Southfield, Michigan.

   After growing up, going to college while being a student athlete, and graduating to now working with youth and coaching youth; I came up with the idea of an Athlete's Summit at my old high school. This summit would be done in the fall and spring for Southfield A and T High School athetes, and it would address the academic adjustments and focus needed as they transition to becoming collegiate student athletes, or college students period. It would help to address the teens' mental health; social health, and physical health, and all the changes and adjustments that come with moving on to the next level. We would bring in other alumni to volunteer, as well as mental health specialists, college faculty, current collegiate student athletes, a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, and a professinal athlete. It would last all day on a Saturday morning and afternoon.

     Hopefully, this helps these high school athletes adjust and not be one of those athletes that drops out after the first year or semester, or doesn't graduate. We want to make sure these young people, both girls and boys stay at the schools they chose to go to, and excel. We want them to become successful athletes at the next level, but also successful citizens of society. The hope is one day these young people come back and speak at future summits. This summit or seminar will hopefully be annual, and it would be something that most athletes, like myself didn't get in high school or growing up. We were often told tips here, and there but never shown what really happens, how things happen at the next level, and we never heard from someone that was currently a collegiate student athlete at that time until a college recruiting visit. One day, we hope this summit grows to include other Metro Detroit high school athletes. 

the steps

Date of Event- September 21, 2019 and April 25, 2020 from 8:30am-4:30pm

May 18th- Face to Face meeting with Football coach to outline tentative date, and ideas

June 4- Phone Meeting with Principal, Athletic Director, and Coaches

Starting May 30th-Bi-Weekly Planning Meetings via conference call with planning committee

June 10th- Flyer printed and distributed, sign up sheets distributed, recruitment of athletes to participate 

June 17th-Recruit Volunteers and secure mental health specialists, collegiate athletes, collegiate faculty, and coaches, and professional athlete(s) to speak

July 1st- Contract Signed and all particulars worked out with school principal, athletic director and coaches 

August 5- Place T-Shirt order for all participants

August 16th- Walk through of School and speaking to student athletes about the event

August 19th- Speakers secured, Professional Athlete's Travel and Hotel Accommodations booked and finalized

August 26th- Pay for T-shirts, order food for the day + down payment for it

September 6th- Pickup T-shirts, purchase of any supplies that our speakers/facilitators need (i.e.- workout equipment, paper, pens, poster boards, AV plug ins, computer enhancements, etc.)

September 12th- Final planning meeting, and volunteer conference call

September 20th- Final walk through of space, volunteers invited

September 21st- Athlete's Summit!

*Surveys will be evaluated after, and planning of part 2 will take place*

December 19th- Planning and the process for April 25th start all over again!




why we're doing it

We are doing this because Public School students that attend schools with peers that look just like them often don't adjust well or adapt to settings that don't have or display these same characteristics. The students, and student athletes that have a unique ability, often don't reach their full potential after leaving high school because they mentally aren't prepared, physically aren't taking care of themselves properly while in school, they make mistakes or make poor choices that affect their participation, or they lack the confidence to overcome obstacles that will certainly arise. We don't know the specific problems or issues that each athlete will experience, but this summit will in a sense be a warning to these athletes, and give them a head start on the next important stage in their lives. This will help ensure these scholars aren't left behind by other student athletes that attended private or prepatory schools where speakers showed up every month to address them, or put on sports camps at their facilities. This will give these athletes a chance to have a mentor or mentors, and be able to gain knowledge that all of us wish we had in high school before transitioning to the next level. The hope is that this summit helps these student athletes change their thinking and mindset, and is the ignition to their future success in life!


Food for 300 high school athletes (twice a year)- $7,000

T-shirts (300 students)- $800

Pens,paper, writing utencils (twice a year)- $1,000

Travel cost for professional athlete- $1400

Training Equipment for activities- $2,000

Marketing Materials/Promotions (Radio Play), Flyers- $5,000

Incentives, Gift Cards, Gift Bags (Sports Equipment; Headbands, Wristbands, Giveaways)- $2,000

Banner for event/misc.- $800


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,089

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $653

TOTAL TO RAISE = $21,777



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