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the project

In March of 2020 the world  as we knew it changed. Companies closed down, those fortunate enough to still have jobs began working from home and the largest shift in modern education history happened. We began having school virtually. Many parents and educators weren't prepared for this phenomenon. As our homes turned into classrooms with computers and videos as the instructors our children suffered a learning loss. As a former educator I can attest to the resilience of our children and teachers as we have worked to close the learning gap that occurred during the height of virtual school. 

In response to this unprecedented change in schools and learning environments; many colleges adopted  "testing optional" or "testing waiver" acceptance policies. As a result  many students graduating in 2020-2022 were not obligated or encouraged to prepare for standardized tests like the ACT. 

the steps

1. Recruit certified teachers and tutors for the ACT prep sessions.

2. Secure location ( in 38126 zip code, possibly Booker T.Washington High School) for sessions

3. Market  via social media and other platforms for sessions

4. Enroll  high school juniors and seniors  from the 38126 zip code for sessions

5. Host 4 ACT test prep sessions with lunch provided for students and tutors

why we're doing it

Now that the pandemic of the Covid-19  virus has subsided in many parts of the country, colleges are starting to lift the "testing optional" admissions acceptance policies. It is our goal to help prepare high school juniors and seniors  living in the 38126 zip code for the ACT. We understand that the focus over the past two years has been  simply surviving the classroom. Now that we are beginning to see a transition to a better sense of normalcy it's time to get "Back to the Basics."  There was a  growth in college acceptance rates for African American students over the last 3 years. Many attribute that to the "testing optional" acceptances. However, it is our focus to help keep this positive trend going. We have to support, prepare and equip our students to be successful and  be able to compete  with other candidates from across the state and country now that the scores "matter again".  "Back to the Basics" simply means in person  small group tutoring from  highly qualified instructors who are experts in their content areas.  These types of structured and in depth sessions are what will usher our students to success on the ACT.



  • 5 ACT Prep Subject Guides - $375
  • 2 Certified Tutors                 - $1,700
  • 2 Catered Lunches               - $300
  • Marketing Materials            - $50
  • School Supplies                   - $68.59

TOTAL RAISED = $2,670.16
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $133.51
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $43.06



10 Official ACT Prep & Subject Guides(Complete Set)- $750

4 Certified Tutors for Test Prep Sessions- $2500

2 Catered Lunches and Snacks for Students and Tutors- $500

Marketing Materials- $100

School Supplies-$150

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $217
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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