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the project

The South County Mutual Aid Initiative began in Rhode Island as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, offering financial assistance, grocery assistance, and assistance with household chores for inidividuals and families experiencing hardship due to job loss or other covid-related disadvantages. By reaching out to members of the South County community and gaining a grant to NEARI, we have offered over $50,000 in direct cash assistance to families in need, as well as over $5,000 in grocery assistance. That being said, every dollar we have raised has gone toward families and there are still many more in need. Donors from the community are experiencing donor fatigue and their own finances are becoming cumbersome because they are experiencing the effects of Covid-19 as well. We offer support without interrogating individuals on their income and requiring paperwork as we realize these methods alone exclude certain folks from receiving aid. Our mission is to help all families and individuals in South County, RI experiencing hardship regardless of their economic and social profiles. 


In March alone we provided (approx):

Rental assistance to four families/individuals.

Cash assistance to 17 families/individuals. 

Grocery assistance to 21 families/individuals. 


In April alone we provided (approx):

Rental assistance to seven families/individuals.

Cash assistance to 50 familiy/individuals.

Grocery assistance to 22 families/individuals.


In May alone we provided (approx):

Rental/housing assistance to five families/individuals.

Cash assistance to 14 families/individuals.

Grocery assistance to 10 families/individuals.

the steps

Because we began in March and are experiencing a lapse in what inidividual donors can offer, we already have a Facebook group for anyone to join, there they will see a Google Form posted in the "anouncements" at the top.

After filling out the Google Form requiring individuals to indicate if they need support and can offer some, the responses go to our email where we review the responses.

After reviewing responses we reach out directly to the individual to have a discussion on the struggles they are experiencing, where we gather details on what they are seeking. During this conversation we ask what assistance they are seeking, what their family size is and how we can help. If they are seeking grocery assistance, we ask if they can shop/drive themselves or if they need someone to shop for them. In these cases we either provide a grocery gift card donation or find a volunteer to go shopping for them. (Usually we are the volunteer.) If they are seeking financial assistance we ask for the totals of their bills and their due dates. We also ask if they have any other version of income and what other expenses they have to guage the urgency of their needs.

After speaking with them, if we have the funds, we usually ask what is the best way to get them financial assistance. In these cases we write checks, give cash, or venmo/paypal them. 

Every dollar earned goes directly towards families. We do not have any incurred fees so far, save for gofundme, so all the money is given to people in need. 

why we're doing it

This initiative began because of the exasperation of families' resources due to Covid-19. As our initiative progressed, however, we realized that there are many individuals and families in need in the South County area who would continue to struggle, regardless of it the Covid threat ever passed. Seeing that the set-back will only further force families into tighter spaces and that they could never recover or "bounce back," we decided the initiative cannot end. South County is interesting in that is has very clear divisions between economic classes, leaving our marginalized community members vulnerable due to separation and neglect. Our mission is dedicated to bridging the gap between the stark disparities in South County, providing an inclusive, judgement-free effort for often disenfranchised and ignored communities.



$48.50 for financial assistance to a financially insecure individual/family

TOTAL RAISED = $50.00 $50.00
ioby Platform Fee waived waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1.50 $1.50
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $48.50 $48.50


$40,000 - Direct financial assistance for community members in need, including rent, mortgages, medical procedures and insurance, utilities, phone bills, and similar financial requirements. 

$10,000 - Grocery assistance for community members in need. 

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,546
TOTAL TO RAISE = $51,546


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