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Whitney H
6th Ave and 44th St
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We've officially fed 1,000+ families!

the project

We're a mutual aid group situated in South Brooklyn with over 400 volunteers and supporting our neighbors in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge plus surrounding areas. To date, we've fed over 1,000+ families and have raised over 15K+ through our daily grocery deliveries where we partner neighbors and volunteers together. In most cases, South Brooklyn Mutual Aid group has provided free grocery boxes to families in-need of food assistance. Each day, South Brooklyn Mutual Aid (SBKMA) sees about 60-70 families making requests for food assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Each box is valued around $30-40 and has enough food to feed a family of 3-4. In certain cases, we'll bring larger amounts for bigger families or cover other needs like diapers and formula. The boxes include a list of brown rice, pasta, beans, tuna, corn, green beans, potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, chicken, and apples. Last week, we trialed out making a larger amount of boxes over the weekend for mass distribution to support our growing intake list. We're also partnering with schools, community orgs, and advocacy partners to also distribute boxes to food insecure families. 

The money raised through this project will help us support our current operations + continue to scale and grow to meet the rising need for food in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to feed 500 families through our mass distribution process + 150 families through our daily deliveries for a total of 650 families weekly.  At the moment, we're at 200 through our mass distribution process and feeding roughly 350 families a week. 

the steps

After funds are received, we'll work with our wholesale food providers and community partners to continue to build and reach out to families to distribute food. Each time we unlock $3,000: we can add another 150 families to our lists to feed. Especially with how overburdened city resources are, we're working fast to build our own process and systems to make sure we can provide and feed our communities. And to include nutritious food that families can actually cook with and sustain themselves. 

why we're doing it

This is about solidarity not charity. We're neighbors helping neighbors.  We live in a rich immigrant community that has often been barred or denied resources from the city, state, and federal government. This is about standing with our neighbors and making sure they have the food and support they need during the COVID-19 crisis. 



Our grocery boxes average $30-40 when purchased at a grocery store. Budgets go up higher to $60-70 if it's a larger family or we're providing additional resources like diapers or formula. On average, we do 15-20 deliveries daily which averages roughly to $5-6,000 a week. 

We appreciate this model because it keeps us nimble, fast, and responsive. 


However, with our high inbound/intake amount, we also know we need to build a parallel process that will allow us to meet a wider audience plus support schools, community orgs, and advocacy groups in the neighborhood. It's roughly $3,000 to feed ~150 families. Right now, we're distributing 100 boxes on Saturday to our intake list + another 100 boxes distributed to the families given to us by community groups. 


This means we're roughly spending $9,000 a week with aspirations to continue to build out our weekly boxes allowing us to feed 350 families. If we can crowdfund $15K/week, we can provide between 500-600 meals

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TOTAL TO RAISE = $50,000




We've officially fed 1,000+ families!

This weekend, we fed 200+ families and so grateful to partner with Target Margin Theater to utilize their space in Sunset Park. We've officially fed over 1,000 families in the South Brooklyn area. Please donate today and help us to continue to feed and support our neighbors. 


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