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the project

Sound Home Sanctuary is a New York microsantuary founded on the idea that all animals deserve a life of soundness - to be healthy, peaceful, and secure. We rescue, foster, place, and adopt small animals in need of homes and rehabilitative services, in partnership with other animal rescue organizations. The organization was conceived in 2020 by founders Jacquelyn Lewis and Ed Janoff in Port Washington, NY on the shores of Long Island Sound (get it?). Over several years leading up to the launch, the two founders provided individualized care services for more than 20 animals!

Our vision is to develop a sustainable, small-scale animal rescue program on Long Island as part of the growing network of microsanctuaries worldwide. The sanctuary will be a platform for sharing on social media the joy of experiencing animals as individuals and companions. The sanctuary will also play an important role in the community to help provide local animal rescue and foster services, host events, and offer educational programs related to animals.

the steps

Our first year will be geared towards startup activities such as strategic planning, branding, and development, as well as servicing the animals we currently care for. In years 1-3 we will focus on building capacity to provide care to animals with supplies, equipment, training, and outreach, as well as incorporating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In the subsequent years, our primary goal will be to find a permanent location in which to house and treat rescues and fosters, as well as provide a forever home for animals adopted into the sanctuary program. There are six rescued animals in our care today and, once we have an adequate facility, we would like to aspire to scale up to 20-30 resident and adoptable animals -- primarily small, domesticated mammals and birds (e.g. cats, small dogs, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, possums, goats, ducks, chickens).

why we're doing it

We do this becuase we love animals and believe that they deserve lives of dignity, health, and comfort. We also believe that problem of millions of wild and domesticated animals suffering from sickness, injury, homelessness, and abuse can be solved if we all open our hearts and our homes to them. Sound Home Sanctuary seeks to not only help transform the lives of the animals under our care, but to educate others about the joys of cohabiting with aniamls while providing a sustainable, scalable model for inviduals to take an active role in helping animals in their homes and their communities. 


Branding & Marketing: $250

Website: $250

501(c)3 Incorporation Paperwork: $1,500

Supplies & Equipment: $3,000

Supplies include: trap(s), cage(s), carrier(s), playpen, blankets, bedding, litter, variety of different foods, feeding dishes, gloves, first aid, basic medicine, incubator, cleaning products, and a small stipend for medical care or special treatment services

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $272
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

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