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the project

Wouldn't it be cool to have an outdoor getaway where you can come and listen to music 7 days a week and relax, get inspired, host meetings, work, study, do homework, and hang out? Then you're going to love Sound Garden!

the steps

I. Development of Sound Garden.

  1. Locate and implement the most economic wireless and waterproof sound systems without compromising quality.
  2. Partner with local DJ’s to create cool and culturally diverse music playlists that will be played 7 days a week.
  3. Partner with designers to create renderings of Sound Garden wich includes but is not limited to the layout, seating, tables, positioning of speakers to ensure great sound quality, etc.
  4. Partner with construction teams to bring Sound Garden to life.
  5. Put in place staff to turn on/off music and switch playlists at scheduled times.

II. Creating awareness.

  1. ioby crowd-resourcing campaign.​
  2. social media; i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.
  3. Local PR.
  4. Word of mouth.
  5. Street teams.
  6. Events
  7. Concerts.
  8. Other creative and fun experiments designed to spread the word.

III. Branding

  1. Partner with a Graphic Designer to create an awesome logo.
  2. Create a website where people can visit to stay up to date on what's happening with Sound Garden.
  3. Create social media pages such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. where you can get the latest on what's happening at Sound Garden.

why we're doing it

Sound Garden @ Bayfront Park will activate a portion of the park that is currently inactive and underutilized. Sound Garden is thoughtfully addressing the intent of development density to urban areas and community connectivity. According to the Metro Atlantic, Downtown Miami’s population nearly doubled during the past ten years. Residing in such dense areas, paradoxically, can lead to what clinicians call “loneliness in crowds”. A recent study by Movoto Real Estate ranked Miami as the third most stressed out city in the nation. Sound Garden will address the impact of our external environment on our quality of life, and the role that our exposure to music and nature plays in an urban environment.  Researchers have found that listening to soothing music coupled with exposure to nature offers a variety of benefits to city dwellers, from improving mood and memory, to community unification and enhancement in quality of life.


Wireless weather-proof audio system 


Materials/ Supplies


Music program compilations

Music Licensing


Marketing/ Advertising - social media, flyers, etc.


SUBTOTAL = $12,000
ioby Platform Fee (Paid by the Miami Foundation) $35 (Paid by the Miami Foundation)
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $600 (Paid by the Miami Foundation)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,000

TOTAL RAISED = $12,000
ioby Platform Fee (Paid by the Miami Foundation) $35 (Paid by the Miami Foundation)
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $600 (Paid by the Miami Foundation)



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