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the project

SoulScape is more than a project; it's a movement to reclaim public spaces as sanctuaries of collective memory and community healing. We're raising $4,000 to disrupt the conventional, sterile ways society deals with grief and remembrance. This fund will be strategically invested in creating high-quality, eco-friendly benches adorned with customized plaques that serve as storytelling mediums. Each bench isn't just a place to sit; it's an altar of community memory, a physical manifestation of the legacies that have shaped us.

The SoulScape initiative is a revolutionary act of peace and empowerment. It challenges the norms of how we honor those who came before us, embedding their legacies into the very fabric of our community. The unveiling ceremony will serve as a communal ritual, a moment where we collectively breathe life into these altars, making Serenity Park a true sanctuary for souls.

Join us in this radical endeavor. Your contribution isn't just a donation; it's a pledge to a new paradigm of community engagement and remembrance. With SoulScape, we're not just remembering; we're revering.

the steps

Once we have the resources, we'll mobilize swiftly and strategically. This isn't just a to-do list; it's a battle plan for social transformation. Here's how we'll execute the SoulScape revolution:

### Action Steps for SoulScape:

1. **Resource Allocation Meeting** (Within 1 Week of Funding)
   - Convene the core team to finalize the budget and assign roles. This isn't just a meeting; it's a war council for social impact.

2. **Vendor Selection** (Within 2 Weeks of Funding)
   - Identify and contract vendors for high-quality, eco-friendly benches and plaques. We're not just buying products; we're investing in the material culture of remembrance.

3. **Community Consultation** (Within 3 Weeks of Funding)
   - Engage the community to decide on the design and inscriptions for the plaques. This isn't a survey; it's a democratic act of collective storytelling.

4. **Permit and Legalities** (Within 1 Month of Funding)
   - Secure all necessary permits and clearances. We're not just filling forms; we're navigating the labyrinth of bureaucracy to reclaim public spaces.

5. **Order Placement** (Within 5 Weeks of Funding)
   - Place orders for benches and plaques. This isn't a purchase; it's an act of commissioning sacred artifacts.

6. **Installation Planning** (Within 6 Weeks of Funding)
   - Plan the logistics for the installation of benches and plaques. This isn't logistics; it's choreographing a dance of community transformation.

7. **Unveiling Ceremony Planning** (Within 7 Weeks of Funding)
   - Organize the details for a community unveiling ceremony. This isn't an event; it's a ritual of collective empowerment.

8. **Installation** (Within 2 Months of Funding)
   - Install the benches and plaques. This isn't assembly; it's the act of planting seeds of remembrance.

9. **Unveiling Ceremony** (Within 9 Weeks of Funding)
   - Host the community unveiling ceremony. This isn't just an event; it's a communal ritual that breathes life into our altars of memory.

10. **Project Evaluation** (Within 3 Months of Funding)
    - Assess the impact and gather community feedback. This isn't just an assessment; it's a reflective act to iterate and scale the revolution.

With these steps, we're not just executing a project; we're igniting a movement. Each action is a calculated strike against the status quo, a step towards a new paradigm of community engagement and remembrance.

why we're doing it

SoulScape isn't just a project; it's a direct response to the social and emotional voids that plague our community. In a world that often rushes through grief, commodifies remembrance, and sterilizes public spaces, we're reclaiming Serenity Park as a sanctuary for souls. We're not just solving a problem; we're filling a gaping wound in the collective psyche of our community.

In Detroit, a city that has faced economic hardships and systemic neglect, public spaces often become mere transit points rather than community hubs. SoulScape disrupts this by transforming Serenity Park into a living archive of community memory and a focal point for collective healing. We're not just placing benches and plaques; we're embedding stories, legacies, and emotional landscapes into the very fabric of our neighborhood. 

Our team is driven by an unyielding passion for community empowerment and a revolutionary vision for public spaces. We see SoulScape as a form of social alchemy, turning the leaden sorrow of loss into the golden joy of remembrance and community unity. This is more than a project for us; it's a crusade against the emotional austerity that society imposes. Join us in this radical act of love and remembrance. With SoulScape, we're not just remembering; we're revering.



Budget Breakdown for SoulScape:

1. **High-Quality Benches**: $2,000  
   - We're not settling for cheap, mass-produced benches. We're sourcing durable, eco-friendly materials that stand the test of time. This is about legacy, after all.

2. **Customized Plaques**: $1,000  
   - These aren't just name tags; they're storytelling mediums. High-quality, weather-resistant materials with laser-engraved text and possibly some art. Each plaque is a tribute, a piece of history.

3. **Installation Costs**: $500  
   - This isn't a mere assembly; it's the act of planting seeds of remembrance. Skilled labor to ensure that the benches and plaques are securely and aesthetically installed.

4. **Community Engagement & Unveiling Ceremony**: $300  
   - This isn't just an event; it's a communal ritual. Funds for refreshments, printed materials, and perhaps a local musician or speaker to grace the occasion.

5. **Administrative Costs**: $100  
   - This covers any permits, legal fees, or other bureaucratic necessities. We're navigating the system to disrupt it from within.

6. **Contingency Fund**: $100  
   - Because life happens, and we need to be prepared for any unexpected costs that may arise during the project.

Total: $4,000

With SoulScape, we're not just creating benches and plaques; we're constructing altars of community memory. Every dollar spent is a step towards revolutionizing how we interact with public spaces and honor our loved ones.



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