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Thanks! 6/15 Green gets a Solar Arbor.

the project

Currently our off-the-grid, direct (no battery) solar electric system powers three waterfalls which are part of a lovely garden arbor/seating area. We wish to expand the system, to include more solar electric modules and batteries (and all the peripheral equipment), enabling the system to store energy and provide electricity when the sun is not shining, and install a demonstration green roof atop the equipment storage cabinet. Our project will provide an example of solar electric energy in action and will be open to the public as a model installation and teaching tool. Installation workshops will engage folks who are interested in learning about small-scale solar and the assembly of the equipment. Additional workshops about how solar technology can be adapted to home, garden and open space can utilize the installation as a teaching tool in the future. The expanded solar arbor, with its green-roofed equipment cabinet, will be a living demonstration of the practical use of solar electric energy in our environment, available to inspire children, youth and adults to become environmental stewards and see that solar energy is a tangible reality. The addition of a green roof to the educational cabinet will demonstrate how one can be installed, maintained and adapted to a small or large space. Our goal is to demonstrate that sustainable technology, community and the natural environment are compatible. Through the thoughtful use of green technology we can all learn how to be better stewards of our city and our world.

the steps

The project is ongoing and is comprised of several components: 1. Repair pond & solar-powered waterfalls, 2. Construct weather-proof educational cabinet to house solar equipment, batteries and green roof, 3. Acquire and install storage batteries, solar electric modules and peripheral equipment, 4. Offer hands-on workshops during battery, solar module and equipment cabinet/green roof installation. As funding is received, each component of the project will be completed. Additional fundraising, donations-in-kind and volunteer services will cover any donation shortfalls. Completion of the final stages of the project will be accomplished three months after all funding goals have been achieved. 6/15 Green has arranged a consultancy with City Solar to manage and oversee the proper design, construction and installation of all equipment. Tracy Fitz, founder of City Solar, will conduct workshops, the purpose of which will be to complete the solar energy installation. Workshops will be a collaboration between volunteers and technical experts.

why we're doing it

We live in a “power-hungry” city. Residents use enormous amounts of pollution-generating, inefficient electrical power in their daily lives. Traditional methods of generating electricity contribute to urban air pollution and climate change. They destroy natural resources and waste additional energy in processing and transportation from distant locations. New Yorkers are looking for effective, cost-efficient ways to incorporate “green technology” in their daily lives and want to be able to generate clean energy locally. But most New Yorkers don't know how new technologies work, how and where they can be integrated into their lives and what they might cost to install and maintain. Most of all, they don't know that they can actually benefit the environment and save money by using green technology that is already available for their homes, gardens and open spaces. The idea of creating solar power in New York City once seemed like science fiction - too complicated or too expensive for the everyday person to use on a daily basis. Now, small-scale solar power is within reach and there is even financial support that is available to offset the start-up costs of “going solar. People need to see solar in action. We can do that!


Quantity Price TOTAL labor (3 ppl@$20/hr = $60/hr) 8 4 $1,920.00 block@$3.50 32 linear ft 60 3.51 $210.60 sand@ $2.14/bag 6 2.14 $12.84 gravel@ $3.2/bag 6 3.25 $19.50 Mortor $7.67 Hydrolic cement $14.77 pond repair waterfall repair delivery/car service $70.00 pond liner .60/sqft 0.6 500 $300.00 waterfall 0.6 100 $60.00 liner glue 1.32/ft 1.32 10 $13.20 SUBTOTAL = $2,628.58 ioby processing fee = $394.29 TOTAL = $3,022.87


Thanks! 6/15 Green gets a Solar Arbor.


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