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the project

Winton Hills Historical Society is conducting programs to collect the history of the Winton Hills Community to tell and preserve our stories.

The “Society” has a sense of purpose and a vision for the future of our beloved community. As you may know, the Winton  Hills Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rich history and culture of our neighborhood.

Over the past year, we have faced unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, but we have remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission. Despite the limitations on public gatherings, we have found innovative ways to connect with our community through online events and workshops. We have also open our doors to the members with a focus on safe, fun, and entertaining gatherings.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need the support of our local businesses, supporters, and potential sponsors to continue our work. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the preservation of our community’s history, and the growth of our programs.

Your donation will help us maintain and improve our property, expand our genealogy classes, workshops and events, and preserve historical artifacts for future generations. Your investment in our community today will pay dividends for years to come, as we continue to build a stronger more connected community.

We believe that with your support, the Winton Hills Historical Society can continue to be a beacon of hope and positivity for our community. We are committed to creating a better future, but we cannot do it without you. Please join us in this important work by making a donation today. Thank you for your consideration and support.

the steps

Our committed team will host programs that will allow us to collect information and catalog our findings to share with the community.

Winton Hills Historical Society’s Genealogy Class: Who’s Yo Grandmama!

Our 10 week class, will take you on a journey to discover your family story.

Week one: introduction to genealogy – we’ll start by exploring what genealogy is and why it’s important to know your family history. We’ll also provide an overview of the course and the tools will be using to research your family history.

Week two: beginning your research - In this session we’ll explore the basics of researching your family history, including how to collect and organize information, and how to use online resources to get started.

Week three: Census records – we’ll dive into the details of censes records, including how to read and interpret them, and how to use them to find important information about your family.

Week four: Vital records - birth, marriage, and death records are key to discovering your family history. We will teach you how to access these records and what information they can reveal about your ancestors.

Week five: Immigration and Naturalization records – if your ancestors came to the United States, we’ll show you how to research their immigration and naturalization records, which can provide insight into their origins and journeys.

Week six: Military Records – Many families have members who served in the military. We’ll explore how to access military records, including service records and pension files, and what information they can provide.

Week seven: Church Records – Church Records can be a valuable resource in genealogy research, and we’ll teach you how to use them to find information about births, marriages, and deaths.

Week eight: Newspaper archives - Local newspapers can provide a wealth of information about your ancestors. We will show you how to use online newspaper archives to find obituaries, wedding announcements, and other important family news.

Week nine: DNA testing – DNA testing can provide powerful insights into your family history. We’ll explore the different types of DNA tests available and what you can learn from your results.

Week ten: Putting It All Together – in our final session, we will help you tell your family story and share your findings with your loved ones at this celebratory event.

Knowing your family story can provide a sense of pride and connection to your roots. You will learn about the struggles and triumphs of your ancestors,  and how they contributed to your community and your world. Recruitment opens in March and classes run April - June. Join us in this journey to discover your family history and become a part of the vibrant Winton Hills community movement!

why we're doing it

Our history goes unrecorded and as a result, we struggle to sustain personal and community morale. This institution is formed to ensure that our story is not only told, but saved to share and inspire future generations.

About the Winton Hills community.

The Winton Hills community, like many others, has faced numerous challenges over the years, including disparities caused by racial, economic, and environmental discrimination. Residents have experienced the affects of these disparities firsthand, from limited access to resources to inadequate healthcare and almost zero engagement in the surrounding farmland. However, The Winton Hills Historical Society is committed to making a positive impact on these disparities through community engagement, education, and preservation of the area’s rich agricultural history.




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Staffing - $10k

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