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Success for Our Initiatives!

the project

Access to healthy beverages and the knowledge to back up how it's healthy is essential for sustainability and the livelihood of our neighborhoods. To promote living well and being uniquely conscious of our food and beverage intake, our Smoothie & Juicery Pop-Up will feature local gardens and farmers market-based fruits and vegetables, and create recipes with custom events in the neighborhood. We would incentivize tourism and invite others to indulge in exclusive beverage tastings, while receiving some health-conscious nutrition tips. As a monthly event starting in December 2016 until February 2017, we will host a Pop-Up in selected venues and residences in tangent with the seasons' festivities. 

the steps

We would begin with strengthening relationships at possible venues/spaces for hosting our pop-up, identifying our team with my food and hospitality career background. As a Just Food Community Chef, I am currently expressing the great benefits of eating and drinking locally and how it affects our daily lifestyle. For example, in January we will promote residents to keep their "New Years Resolutions" of healthy lifestyle by coming to our Pop-Up and meeting others with like minded goals and to complement their fitness plans. The funds obtained with our campaign with seed for our supplies necessary to perform these events. 

why we're doing it

These efforts would help to increase visibility in the dormant months for farmers showcasing in local neighborhood markets, and possibly help to spread the noise factor for reintroduction in the spring and summer months. Many residents would love to see the fresh produce year-round, and I believe the pop-up events will keep those relationships current. The communities would also benefit by indulging in a healthy beverage with empowering those with fundamental facts on the main ingredients of the recipe. We are hoping to revitalize beverage consumption to make healthier choices, no matter the weather. 


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 11/2/16):

RAISED = $390.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $18.57
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $11.36

Smoothie and Juicery Pop Up  Original budget Contributions Actual Revised Budget
(1) Ninja Mega Kitchen System $159.99 Doanted Blender with Kitchen space by Al Cholo Bakery, Bx, NY, and Oster Blender by Contributor Jaime Summers N/a
(1) Nutribullet RX Blender  $179.99 N/a
Office Supplies for recipe materials and printing / banner with graphic design  $200 Donated easel stand for Signage/Reduced materials $100
10×10 Pop Up Tent  $100 Still Needed (Indoor Events in Meantime) $100 /Future Purchase
Juicer  $100 Donated N/a
Knife set / Cutting Board  $100 Reduced, Donated Chef Knife $50
Table /Chairs/ decor  $80 Personal Inventory/Reduced $20
Catering supplies : Plastic cups/ napkins/ waste garbage/ etc.  $60 Personal Inventory/Reduced $20
Stipends for Juicemakers (3 projects @$66/person, 6-hour shift) $198 Volunteership/ $15.00 Allowance $45
Transportation (3 projects @$25/day) $75 Volunteership/ $15.00 Gas Fee $45
Permits vary by location TBD TBD  
Marketing /Advertising Budget  $80 Reduced/ Word of Mouth/Social Media/ Email Marketing $25
Food from supporting farmers (market share) TBD TBD Cultivating Relationships
Supplemental Food for recipe creation  TBD $10 per event $30
Miscellaneous and incidental contingency. $60 Reduced/ $10 per event $30
Total: $1492.98 + TBD^ Funds Raised less fees= $360.07 Revised Total:     $365.00



(1) Ninja Mega Kitchen System $159.99 -and/or-

(1) Nutribullet RX Blender $179.99

Office Supplies for recipe materials and printing / banner with graphic design $200

10x10 Pop Up Tent $100

Juicer $100

Knife set / Cutting Board $100

Table /Chairs/ decor $80

Catering supplies : Plastic cups/ napkins/ waste garbage/ etc. $60

Stipends for Juicemakers (3 projects @$66/person, 6-hour shift)

Transportation (3 projects @$25/day)

Permits vary by location

Marketing /Advertising Budget $80

Food from supporting farmers (market share)

Supplemental Food for recipe creation.  

Miscellaneous and incidental contingency.

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $75



Success for Our Initiatives!

We'd like to give a warm and festive round of Thanks to our Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers who have helped make our Smoothie and Juicery Campaign come to life! We greatly appreciated those who will join us for our future Pop-Up's Scheduled for 2017! We have successfully started test samples of our visions, created by local teenagers inspired to create healthy beverages!

Special Thank You to The Riverside Church, The Al Cholo Bakery, Jaime Summers, Beverly Surei, Milagros Day Worldwide, National Womens Political Caucus, Mott Haven Farmers Market, Serengeti Teas, and our valued Friends and Family. 



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