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Tantra Park Update - Boulder Parks & Rec

the project

Since its official legalization in early 2017, slacklining is continuing to become a popular sport in the Boulder, CO community. In fact, we have an opportunity to build a slackline obstacle course with the City of Boulder and Slackline Industries in Tantra Park. This course will allow residents, students and visitors of all experience levels to practice slacklining and meet other slackliners in a convenient and central location.

The obstacle course will include 4 steel posts that will support a series of 5+ slacklines that range from 24 foot, beginner lines to 100 foot, advanced lines. This design complements Tantra’s new play structure and offers a progressive learning curve that provides an opportunity for people of all ages to make new friends and have fun improving their balance.

Once the slackline course opens, the City of Boulder will work with celebrity slackliners and volunteers from the slackline community to teach kids in Boulder how to slackline!

We appreciate your help in donating to this wonderful cause and hope to see you all out there! To show our appreciation, each donation of $10 (or more) will get you entered to win a slacklining kit (just make sure to include your email address when you submit your donation!). If you have questions or want to learn more, check out the Boulder Slacklining Association page on Facebook.

Happy slacking!

the steps

Once funding is secured, we will work with the Boulder Parks & Recreation department to install the slackline poles. We are on a tight deadline because we need to place the poles before the the ground starts to freeze! Installation date is still TBD.

A celebration will be held, upon the opening of the obstacle course, to welcome the community to the course by teaching folks to slackline!


why we're doing it

Why we slackline! (credit to Justin Fricke)

  1. It’s a great balance trainer: It’s a whole new kind of balance that your body has to get accustomed to. Rather than putting your arms out horizontal, they’re going vertical, and instead of going sideways (like surfing, skateboarding, etc.) you’re walking straight, foot-over-foot. It feels weird at first, but stick with it and after a while it starts getting natural.
  2. You get a great work out: Believe it or not, you use just about every muscle and tendon in your body.  Over time, your muscles and tendons get stronger, and your body learns to balance.
  3. There’s always something new to learn: In the beginning, you’ll just be happy to balance on the line for 5 seconds. Over time, you’ll start to get better, and you’ll be able to start walking longer distances. Soon you may start wanting to learn tricks and yoga poses on the line.
  4. One of the most portable sports/hobbies: Most sports require a certain setting. For instance:  to surf, you need a surfboard and waves; to rock climb, you need rocks, shoes, and other gear; and the list goes on. For slacklining, you typically only need two trees or posts.
  5. Clears your mind: When you’re on a slackline, you have to be completely focused. Clear everything out of your mind, focus on one fixed point, and identify the small adjustments you have to make in order to keep your balance.

Whether you’re new to slacklining or have been doing it for a while, you’re bound to have some fun.

Happy slacking!

Want to learn more about slacklining in Boulder?  Visit this Daily Camera article for more information.


Disbursed Budget (as of 9.1.17):

The extra funds raised by our supporters will be spent on an opening day celebration for the community (refreshments, giveaways, etc.). Thank you!

RAISED = $2,849.00
less ioby Platform Fee*  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)* $130.28
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)* $78.17

*The fees associated with this fundraiser will be paid, offline, directly to by Resilient Boulder and have not been added to the project's online total. Therefore, all funds raised online will go towards the project.

Original Budget:

The City of Boulder and Slackline Industries have together donated $7,500, leaving only $2,500 for the slacklining community to raise. An additional $200 is being raised to fund refreshments for an opening-day celebration, where the slackline community invites anyone interested in learning to slackline to come learn a new skill and try out the new course.

  • $2,500 left to raise for the slackline (materials and labor)
  • $200 for opening-day celebration refreshments

Project Subtotal =  $2,700
ioby Platform Fee*  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)* $135
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)* $81
Total to Raise on ioby* = $2,700

*The fees associated with this fundraiser will be paid, offline, directly to by Resilient Boulder and have not been added to the project's online total. Therefore, all funds raised online will go towards the project.


Tantra Park Update - Boulder Parks & Rec

Hi Tantra Park Neighbors,

Construction at Tantra Park is well underway with new playground equipment and shelter installation expected in early September. Irrigation replacement on the north field has been completed in time for the rental season and the first day of Summit Middle School, that uses that field for outdoor activities. Complete park irrigation replacement will occur throughout September. Construction completion is expected in mid-October.

The four-pole slackline course in the original plan was not ultimately selected as an alternate, due to budget constraints. The department agreed to match funding if the community can raise half the cost of the slackline course. The community and a corporate donor have currently raised $4408 of the $5000 required by August 31. Only $792 needs to be raised through crowdfunding efforts initiated by the slackline community leaders in partnership with the City of Boulder’s Resilient Together team. The slackline poles will not be installed without full funding by August 31.

As an added bonus, each donation of $10 (or more) will get you entered to win a slacklining kit (just make sure to include your email address when you submit your donation!).

Tina Briggs


Our story on ioby's blog!

by ioby
August 18, 2017

Have you ever tried slacklining? You know – tying a rope between two trees (or over a canyon) and using your arms to balance you as you walk across? It’s great exercise, great for fine-tuning all those little muscles in your body whose names no one knows, great for promoting mind-body balance, great for calming and focusing the mind, and great for bringing adventurous folks together in communities. In other words, it’s super fun.

Only problem is that in lots of places, slacklining is illegal. It’s sort of in the same vein as skateboarding, that way – some cities see the sport as a bit of a public menace, and put tight regulations on which trees can and can’t be used. Officials worry, understandably, about liability issues and injuries. Tyler Shalvarjian found that out the hard way a year or so back, when he was out slacklining with some friends in a Boulder park, and a cop walked up to them with a $250 fine.

Click here to  continue reading...


Getting to the finish line!

We're now just a few days away from the end of our campaign.  The school year is about to start, and contstruction of the park will be underway shortly. 

We still need additional donations to make it to the finish line - can you give $10?  $5?  $50?  Join the rest of the slackline community and continue to expand our slacklining options in Boulder.  We've come a long way in the past couple of years, and this project keeps our momentum moving.

Keep slackin'

Tantra Update

Thanks to everyone for starting off the project so well.  We've already passed $1,000.  Ioby added $100 to our donations because we met 10 donations in 10 days.  They've offered to donate another $100 if we can meet 50% of our amount before August 1st.

Keep slacking!


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