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SkyCop Camera Project

the project

VECA and the V&E Greenline are asking for help in funding a SkyCop security camera at the corner of the V&E Greenline and McLean Blvd. 

The camera would be beneficial to the safety of many V&E Greenline trail users. The camera would be able to scan the V&E Greenline both east of west of this site and would also be able to scan the crosswalk at McLean Blvd and the V&E Greenline. It would help the police identify possible perpetrators from crimes committed at other sites who might be walking along the trail at McLean.

SkyCop cameras are being used downtown, on other trails, and in several neighborhoods.  They have been written up extensively in the media.


the steps

We will next make a formal request of the police department and City to accept the funds for the installation of a camera. The Crump Station Precinct already supports this request.

Once the funds are raised they will be turned over to the Police Department which would be responsible for maintenance and management of the system.  The images from the camera would be transferred to the Real Time Crime Center using wireless technology.

why we're doing it

Even though crime is rare on the V&E Greenline, it is becoming more of a problem.  The police have found the cameras to be both a crime deterrent and a way to solve crimes that occur. 



RAISED = $2,389.00
ioby Platform Fee  (waived) $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) (waived) $68.56

The funds will pay for the cameras along with the blue lights, installation of a pole and hooking up electricity and wireless technology to transmit the images.



VECA has received a bid for $7,322 for installation of a SkyCop camera and we have thus far raised $2,500.  The remaining $4,822 remains to be raised.  The funds will pay for the cameras along with the blue lights, installation of a pole and hooking up electricity and wireless technology to transmit the images.

SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee waived
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  waived



SkyCop Camera Project

Thank you everyone who donated to the SkyCop Camera Project.  It is funded now and the camera is installed.

SkyCop Donor Letter of Thanks

Hello Everyone,

I would like to personally thank each of you that have donated to date for this project.  We are moving along nicely in the process to have the camera ready for installation in the near future. 


Scott McDermott


V&E Greenline Committee


SkyCop Camera Update #2

ioby has matching funds available now so please donate.  Your donation will be matched during this phase.  Once we raise the monies needed for this project we will begin the installation phase.  We hope to have this project completed by the end of January 2017.

SkyCop Camera Update #1

Hello Everyone,

This update is to let you know the fundraising for the V&E Greenline and VECA's new SkyCop camera is off to a good start.  We hope to raise the funds needed to install the new camera by November 1st.   A pole will be installed near the entrance to the V&E Greenline just off the trail at the McLean and Mignon entrance going east.  It will contain a light and the camera, which will actually have two cameras.  Both cameras will look east and west on the V&E Greenline and also the entrances off McLean will be visable from the camera's viewpoint.  A crosswalk is at the location on McLean where lots of Snowden children walk to school.  The camera will have a blue flashing light which has been shown to be a deterrent to crime.

More updates will be posted as progress continues on the purchasing and installation of the camera.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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