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The Singing Winds: Storytelling from Around the World is a multilingual performance series featuring folklore, music and dance from the family cultures of residents in Kensington, Brooklyn.

Hosted by PS 230, a large elementary school where over 20 languages are spoken at home, the Singing Winds - a collaborative team of artists, educators and parents of public school students - will produce a series of events that reflect the cultural diversity of the neighborhood and share family traditions, folklore, music and dance with both our own children and our neighbors.

With the Singing Winds storytelling series, Singing Winds offers opportunities for families to celebrate the vibrant and exciting traditions of the cultures that make up our neighborhood and, through this celebration, initiate meaningful intercultural dialogue that can transcend language barriers and cultural divisions.


the steps

Storytelling Series

The Singing Winds will present live performances of folk tales from around the world, including legends and myths from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Performances will be held on ten summer mornings in July and August 2019, and once a month on six weekend afternoons and evenings from October 2019 - May 2020.

Drawing from traditional storytelling and performance techniques, the Singing Winds will feature Bengali storytelling scrolls, Chinese Lion and Dragon dances, Arabic courtyard tales, Russian folklore sung with balalaika accompaniment, and Central American processional pageants, as professional artists and community groups use music, dance, puppets and shadow play to give life to the legendary characters that have entertained and educated children throughout the ages.

Introducing unique traditions within each culture, each event will also include an arts and crafts exhibit featuring local artists, and pre-show activities for children. Doors will open an hour before each performance, allowing audience members to participate in crafts activities and games, sample food and treats, listen to music and view the exhibits.

Podcast Series

Singing Winds will produce a multilingual podcast series to accompany our live events, featuring bilingual storytelling, traditions, folklore and customs practice by families in Kensington, and interviews with artists and performing groups from around the world.  

Join us as we celebrate the rich folklore and traditional customs throughout the world!

why we're doing it

In neighborhoods like Kensington, language and cultural barriers can create divisions between neighbors who perceive each other as strangers even though they live close to one another.  Many families are also grappling with economic challenges that lead to long working hours and few resources for extracurricular activities, economic challenges that have only been intensfied in the last few years as rising rents reflect gentrifying forces in the neighborhood. Kensington needs low-cost entertainment and free recreational activities for its youth and families!

Led by a diverse team of artists, educators and teen volunteers, the Singing Winds Storytelling Series offers free multilingual activities that celebrate the traditional folklore and customs of immigrant family cultures and build a sense of shared community in the public spaces of the neighborhood.


Disbursed budget:

Artists - $5500
Equipment Rental - $1600.70
Art supplies - $1500
Stipends for volunteers - $1000
Posters/Publicity - $500
Insurance - $350

TOTAL RAISED = $10,810.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $324.30


Original Budget:

Artists - $5500
Equipment Rental - $1600
Art supplies - $1500
Stipends for volunteers - $1000
Posters/Publicity - $500
Insurance - $350

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $324
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,809



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