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the project

One of the goals of increased community involvement in the planning and execution of Shore Fest is being realized this year with the inclusion of additional community partners. This is an important milestone in the growth of Shore Fest as a community building project and in the creation of stakeholders in re-imagining the use of Shore Boulevard.

This year, two of the communites brightest stars, We Heart Astoria and Build It Green, will bring their unique sensibilities to the event. August 4th is We Heart Astoria Food Fest, August 11 is Build it Green Day. They join valued partners Green Shores NYC and the NY City Parks and Recreation Department. Shore Fest is an NYC Dept. of Transportation Sponsored Temporary Pedestrian Street.

Shore Fest continues to evolve as a showcase for the potential of Shore Boulevard as a multi-use public space. Shore Fest is a place to meet new people, enjoy old friends, and carve a river of life out of a car-filled street.

the steps

Using an event template from previous years, participants are engaged and committed to specific dates and time of Shore Fest. This year, new partners We Heart Astoria and Build it Green, have a more autonomous role in the planning and execution of the days which they are sponsoring. General planning meetings are held to make advertising and budget decisions. Jay Waber, of the band Cat Gut, is organizing August 18th, The Big Music Day, engaging local musicians who love to play at Shore Fest.

why we're doing it

Because of it's proximity to Astoria Park, Shore Boulevard provides the public with unique challenges in terms of use. At times it is a beautiful, quiet extension of the park. At other times it is a car-choked hazard to pedestrians and drivers alike. Sometimes it is a drag strip, other times, a place frequented by people engaged in unsavory activities. Shore Fest, in it's capacity as a temporary pedestrian street, gives the public the freedom to use the space for community building in a safe, family friendly environment.


Burlap recycled from table dressing to erosion control for Butterfly Garden: $24.74

Phlox plants for table scape recycled to Butterfly Garden: $59.82

Brown Kraft Paper used for table scape and recycled for kids art: $6.99

Fresh Sod used to green Shore Boulevard recycled on Shore Boulevard and donated to community: $421.36


Subtotal: $512.91

RAISED = $532
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $15



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