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the project

The youth hip-hop artists of Shooting Without Bullets will create a collaborative EP following our art as activism model to motivate the masses.


  • A collaborative hip-hop EP and accompanying photo-based visuals that encourages civic engagement and a stand against injustice.
  • Hands-on production experience for our youth artists.
  • A platform for black and brown teens in Cleveland to voice their perspectives on issues affecting their lives and community.


  • The youth of Shooting Without Bullets in collaboration with other experienced artists


  • Fall 2018 – Spring 2019


Through the Creative Direction of Artist/Activist Amanda King, the youth artists of Shooting Without Bullets will write and record original music, collaborate with outside artists and producers, and produce visuals to accompany the EP.

Funding will support:

  • Musical Production including studio recording, production and mixing, packaging for streaming platforms
  • Visual production including videography, film, and props
  • Operational expenses including transportation and supplies
  • Development of Shooting Without Bullets Hip-hop centered visual literacy & art as activism curriculum

About Shooting Without Bullets

Shooting Without Bullets is an expressive arts program that provides a framework for black and brown youth in Cleveland to develop and utilize their artistic voice to process the complex social issues affecting their lives & community. Our student artists range from ages 14-19 and reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Shooting without Bullets allows black and brown youth to control their own narrative. Armed with cameras, art supplies, and knowledge of the systemic issues facing their communities, these teens fill gallery walls and performance stages with their perspectives and voices. The artists of Shooting Without Bullets use their art as activism, to uplift their voices and call out injustices in ways that seek to heal their communities. 

the steps

  • Concept Development and songwriting
  • Musical Production, Recording, and Mastering
  • Visual Production and Packaging
  • Marketing and Distribution of EP – [May 2019 Release]

why we're doing it

Cleveland is one of the most economically depressed and racially segregated urban areas in the United States and there are few opportunities for black and brown youth. Through art, Shooting Without Bullets equips Cleveland youth with the tools to thrive despite the challenges that face black and brown youth and to express their views on the injustice of those challenges. Shooting Without Bullets also uses experiential learning to nurture artistic talent and provide opportunity to further develop production skills related to photography, creative direction and branding.


2000 Operations: Transportation, food, production costs

1500 curriculum building

2000 Visuals

4500 EP Production

Subtotal = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3% $300
Total to raise = $10,335


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