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the project

We are residents adversely impacted by noise and air pollution from aircraft over Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, and parts of Bel-Air, Beverly Crest, BHPO, and the noise-sensitive Santa Monica Mountains - miles away from Van Nuys Airport or Burbank Airport. The presence of frequent, low flying aircraft over our homes, schools, parks, protected open spaces, and wildlife is an unprecedented change to historic, established flight patterns that have been unchanged for decades. They are destroying our way of life and exposing us to horrific levels of unrelenting noise and pollution that can cause high levels of stress and health-related problems.

Because many of these areas are in elevated terrain, the distance between aircraft and homes is frequently less than a thousand feet. In addition, approximately 90% of the impacted Santa Monica Mountains are designated by the Los Angeles Fire Department as HIGH FIRE HAZARD SEVERITY zones.

Already through our efforts, we have succeeded in getting the City of Los Angeles to invoke a new federal law that requires the FAA to address our community noise concerns by considering alternatives - namely a return to a historic flight path. We are in close communication with City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, and others to help frame issues in a way that will help produce results.

With your support we can continue our fight on behalf of tens of thousands of residents!

the steps

The co-founders spend countless hours on behalf of tens of thousands of residents affected by the FAA’s assault on our communities. They have contributed their time to attend public and private meetings, and donated their expertise in the areas of legal, political outreach, marketing, communication, data research, compilation of background information, and city planning. They are supported by a diverse, intelligent and dedicated group of volunteers. These are the steps we are taking:

1.  Educate, organize, and empower Los Angeles residents to fight back by attending airport meetings, resident association & neighobrhood council meetings,  congressional townhall meetings.  

2.  Organize Los Angeles residents to submit noise complaints in increasing numbers and respectfully address officials through calls, emails, and in-person public comment at meetings.

3.  Coordinate and work together with City of Los Angeles and other legislators to ensure they know what we're doing, to provide our unique perspective and experiences, and to inform their evolving strategy against the FAA.

4.  Educate the FAA about the true human and environmental costs of NextGen.

why we're doing it

To protect people, homes, schools, and our oases of beauty and wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains.



Disbursement Budget:

ANE Symposium $1,250.00 $1,288.66

Printing $1,700.00 175.06

Website $1,000.00 $937.31

Public Relations $2,000.00 $2,000.00

Aviation Consultant $1,840.00 $2,940.00

TOTAL RAISED =$8,018.00
ioby Platform Fee$35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)$400.90
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)$240.54


Original Budget

Website $1,000- our site was launched at the end of January (<>). Our costs include the web domain, monthly hosting, and ongoing eblasts and maintenance for one year.

Printing $2,000 - the costs of 50-page packets provided to Board of Airport Commissioners at two meetings, as well as posters; and forthcoming flyers and other miscellaneous printing costs.

Airnoise buttons $500 - We will purchase 20 Airnoise buttons to provide residents the opportunity to easily register complaints about the noise they are suffering with daily. This is specifically for residents such as senior citizens who do not easily have web access to buy the<> buttons themselves.

Filming/editing costs - $2,500 - This includes camera rental, a db meter, and a small editing budget for a professionally shot video to document flights and noise in several locations in our communities.

ANE Symposium $1,250 - This includes conference fees, flight, and hotel for one of our founders to attend this important industry conference in Florida. At the ANE Symposium, he’ll learn from other communities who’ve fought the same battle we’re now fighting and we’ll bring these insights to our community to better ensure our success. This is also an opportunity to meet and dialogue with FAA staff responsible for preparing environmental analyses at airports including Burbank and Van Nuys. You can read more about the symposium here:


PROJECT FUNDING NEEDED =$7,250ioby Platform Fee$35ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)$396ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)$238TOTAL TO RAISE =$7,918



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