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the project

Sometimes dog rescuing comes in waves. And sometimes dog rescuing means caring for those certain dogs who need solitude and extra human care to recover from their pasts, away from the barking hubbub of an animal shelter.

CCAW’s rural Torrey, Utah rescue facility has limited kennel spaces for our increasing number of rescued dogs, but we do have nearly 12 acres of property on which to create a secondary space to temporarily house overflow rescue dogs and/or dogs needing extra attention.

This project aims to construct a secure, all-weather “Dog House” on our property but apart from the main facility, with electricity and water and surrounded by a secure fence. This will allow us to rescue more dogs that we would otherwise be unable to, and it will save valuable time staff time travelling to and from foster families’ locations.

the steps

The intended site for this “Dog House” is approximately (x) feet from the main facility. Labor and -transportation costs will be provided by volunteers, to be completed by winter 2023. The steps will include:

  • Trench power and water to site and connect,
  • Pour 14x20-foot concrete slab,
  • Erect and connect to slab a 12x16 insulated shed with flooring, and
  • Erect 20x25-foot chain link fence.

why we're doing it

Penny and Addie are the most recent examples of our need for this Dog House. This mother and daughter pair came to us several months ago from a living situation that left them traumatized. While their owners didn’t intend to cause harm, these two suffered, both mentally and physically, while living in a small space with seven other dogs. When they arrived, Penny came with a litter of puppies; we saw the little ones come and go, but Penny and Addie stayed in our care.

It has been 5 months since we first met this pair of dogs. As our facility grew full, a kind foster welcomed them into their beautiful, fenced-in yard. Our diligent staff and volunteers have worked with specialists to create a behavioral rehabilitation plan, and we’re seeing progress! However, winter is coming, and our staff must make a twice-daily drive to attend to their daily needs and provide lots of calm, quiet, consistent love.

Penny and Addie are not anomalies. As an animal welfare nonprofit, we know we will see dogs like them again. Our goal is to be prepared and set every animal in our care up for success. The proposed Dog House will allow us to serve our surrounding community more fully. The proximity of the Dog House to the main facility will provide more quality care for the animals and will save staff time and transportation costs. Color Country Animal Welfare prides itself on finding a forever home for every animal. With a secondary space, we are certain our mission will succeed tenfold.


Final budget


12x14 insulated structure - $5,000

Cement pad - $1,000

Run electricity and water - $1,000

Chain link fencing for dog run - $2,000

Labor will be provided by volunteers.

TOTAL RAISED = $10,417.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (4%) $416.68

Original budget

12x14 insulated structure - $5,000

Cement pad - $1,000

Run electricity and water - $1,000

Chain link fencing for dog run - $2,000

Labor will be provided by volunteers.

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $416.67
TOTAL TO RAISE $10,416.67
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