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Thank you letter

the project

Our project is to add a 'Little Free Library', two benches, a hose cabinet, hardscaping (gravel area) and an additional pet-waste station to the Nettleton Community Orchard. The Nettleton Community Orchard is a community fruit tree orchard established by neighbors to serve the community. The Orchard provides not only fruit but has raised herb and vegetable beds and a bee house for pollinators. Our Orchard is enjoyed by the community as well as student groups who come to visit and learn about fruit trees, pollinators and the environment.

Our 'Little Free Library' will be registered and it will be modified in order to share local seeds in the neighborhood. Bench seating will allow groups that visit to have a place to meet near our mural. The hardscape gravel and hose cabinet will enhance our orchard and help alleviate some erosion and wear on the site. All of the project elements will be located near the colorful mural and signage we have installed this past year.

the steps

We will purchase, modify and install a 'Little Free Library' unit so that it can also provide for neighborhood seed sharing and register the library with the organization. We will purchase lumber and supplies to create and install two cedar benches 6 feet long near our mural and infomration signage near the street for visiting groups and for neighbors who enjoy the orchard during walks. We will purchase and install the materials to create a permeable (but no-longer muddy) area near the mural and the new benches and the library along the street. And lastly we will purchase and install a second much needed pet-waste station on the Tennessee side of the orchard property (we already have one on the Nettleton side) It will all be completed within 2 weeks from funding.


why we're doing it

We are doing this to enhance the Nettleton Community orchard which has become an important part of the neighborhood. The orchard helps re-connect community members. The Little Free Library and the seating area are also ways to connect community members and to enhance the impact/longevity/sustainability of the overall Orchard project.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/21/16):

RAISED = $191.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $5.56

The funds will be used to build two benches.



Little Free Library, Amish two story, $250

Home Depot, Library Post, Concrete and Paint, $50

ShareSeeds, Library Seed modification, rubber stamps and starter seed packets, $25

Home Depot, Lumber and materials for two 6 foot benches which will be attached to the existing raised beds, $200

Home Depot, Bench Posts, concrete and Paint, $50

Home Depot, Landscape liner and edging materials for hardscape, $100

Home Depot, Gravel, mixed river, $100

Home Depot, Tree base lumber to protect rooting area and new mulch, $25

PetWasteCo/Amazon, Pet Waste Station with concrete for installation, $150

ioby Platform Fee  waived
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $27



Thank you letter

Thank you Friends

Our fundraising is over but we wanted to thank everyone who supported our effort!

Please see our updated photo on the main page.

The Nettleton Orchard Team



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