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Nadia V
Between 52nd and 54th Streets on 11th Avenue
Manhattan (Hell's Kitchen)
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Thank you! Dewitt Share Garden has hoses and plants!

the project

The location of my garden within Dewitt Clinton Park used to be a dumping area for leaves and garbage. Over a hundred bags of this were removed by me with the occasional aid of several homeless people. So many people came out of their way to thank me for what I was doing even before a single plant was planted. They just appreciated seeing some improvement to their environment. They still do. Many of these people are workers that live elsewhere, some are locals. There are also several other volunteers and together we lighten the work load for understaffed employees by taking care of our areas.

the steps

I started this project several years ago and there has already been a beautiful and much appreciated transformation. Some of the cost has come out of my pocket because the resources provided by the Parks Department are limited. I would like to continue maintaining this garden and would need more supplies for this spring such as good quality mulch, fencing material and possibly more plants to replace occasional losses. I would also like to get professional assistance in dealing with the rat population.

why we're doing it

Besides creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in Hell's Kitchen, it is also a means of assisting understaffed park employees with maintenance.


UPDATE: 4/13 EAB. Post project for mulch only for now. The mulch costs about $50 a yard. I will need 4 or 5 yards plus delivery costs ($50 - $100 depending on location of company) Fencing is inexpensive rubber-coated wire 48" tall. Hard to find in NYC in smaller amounts so delivery would cost more than the fencing. I would have to assess plant damage & needs a little later in the spring. There is a small shrub that needs to be replaced - @ $50. Alternative means of dealing with the rats such as a sonic system or some other deterrent. Poisons do little to get rid of them and are a threat to other animals. These poisons also leach into the soil and kill off plants. I'm not sure of the cost at this point.


Thank you! Dewitt Share Garden has hoses and plants!


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