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South Main Street
(Downtown Thomaston, CT)
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the project

Surveyor and Landscape Architects are ready to go!

- This project involves the complete revitalization of a Town of Thomaston public park on South Main Street in Thomaston CT.  The triangular park measuring .67 acres is bordered by two town streets and a state road.
- Current users of the park are the community at large, a well-attended Summer Concert Series, a several months-long Farmers Market, and annual Arts and Crafts Show.  This park needs an update! Currently, the electricity is supplied by a telephone pole in the middle of the park.  There isn't any provision for handicapped people, no sidewalks or walkways, and no access to water.
- Our plan includes handicapped accessibility and parking, a performance area for concerts and other community events, safe and accessible pathways, areas for seating for all people, appropriate lighting, water irrigation, and landscape design with a focus on preserving the historic characteristics of our town.

the steps

PHASE 1 (current phase): We have already received proposals for the survey and selected a Land Surveyor and Landscape Architect.  Both are prepared to begin as soon as finances are available.

PHASE 2: Design

PHASE 3: Construction

PHASE 4: Grand Opening!

why we're doing it

- Thomaston is a gateway town to the North West Corner of CT.  Seth Thomas Park is an entrance point to the center of downtown Thomaston.
- The park is consistently being used by multiple civic groups for activities open to the public including a weekly Farmers Market, weekly Summer Concert Series, and seasonal Craft Fair.  All forms of residents and visitors use the park as a gathering place and for people that work or visit in town to meet for lunch or relaxation. The park is in desperate need of Handicap Accessibility, a permanent performance area with seating, safety lighting, and Heirloom Garden Landscaping. 
- Revitalizing Seth Thomas Park and involving our Civic Groups, School Groups and Residents creates a place of pride in where you come from.
- We appreciate all donation's to help us reach our goals and for all that contribute to feel they have helped "Pay it forward" creating a long-lasting highlighted spot in Thomaston!!


disbursed budget:

Land Survey                                  $2848.85

Master Plan/landscape Design      $3500


TOTAL RAISED = $6,480.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $96.15

Original budget:

$4,100 - Professional Site Survey - Inclusive of Land Record and Utility Research, Field Survey and final Survey Mapping. A local Survey Company proposal has been selected for this service.

$3,500 - Landscape Architect developed Master Plan - Using suggestions from town citizens and civic organizations.  Master Plan will be used for the bidding process.  Thomaston native has been selected to develop the Master Plan.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.  



Your contribution along with matched IYOB contribution, will be used to fund the construction ready plans for Seth Thomas Park to include:

  • Open air covered performance Amphitheater
  • Handicap accessible walkways and parking area
  • Electrical service and Lantern Lighting throughout the park
  • Decorative Walls adding additional seating and landscaping area’s
  • Irrigation for landscaping and for water bottle filling in the park
  • Aggregate driveway for vendor and performer offloading and additional flat seating area
  • Heritage landscaped gardens and architectural design features in keeping with historic downtown Thomaston, CT   

Seth Thomas Park Revitalization

Our fund request is complete, in fact, it was over the requested amount. 

This is spectacular because we are now able to move forward with the project and get the land survey and master Plan done. 

Thank you to all who stepped up to fund these requests!!!

Mary Beth and Mary



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