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Supplies are here!

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The mission of WomenSafe is to provide emergency shelter and support services to survivors of domestic violence throughout Northeast Ohio. In 1980, WomenSafe first provided emergency shelter to abused women and their children with the help of volunteers who provided shelter in their own homes. In November of that year, the agency opened its own shelter using a rent-free apartment attached to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. Due to lack of space and expansion of services, the agency relocated it shelter twice before opening, “the Green House” in 2007. The Green House is a disclosed shelter that houses all administrative personnel, shelter staff, the emergency shelter, and all outreach services.


WomenSafe is looking to expand services by implementing a sensory room for survivors residing in the emergency shelter. As domestic violence is indiscriminate in nature, WomenSafe has seen the need for a sensory room through their own clients and wants to ensure the needs of survivors with sensory processing disorders are met. 

The agency expects that the sensory room will immediately de-escalate the survivor and help them recover in a healthy manner. In addition, WomenSafe expects that the sensory room will help promote empowerment, create a safe place, and allow survivors to have mental and physical relaxation. Long-term, WomenSafe expects that the sensory room will help survivors improve coordination, develop self-care consistency, and increase calmness, skill development, concentration, and attention.


the steps

1. As the sensory room will be a vacant room within the shelter, the agency would first need to move all the items out of the vacant room.


2. Implement construction steps, including painting, purchasing and installing light elements, and adding security features.


3. After implementing construction steps, the agency would purchase the sensory materials and items and put them in the sensory room.


4. The sensory room would be open for all residents to use while in the emergency shelter!

why we're doing it

Leaving abusive relationships and coming into a communal living environment is a difficult transition for many survivors of domestic violence. However, the transition is more overwhelming when survivors enter the shelter with sensory processing disorders. The colors on the walls, the textures of items throughout the shelter, the smell of certain foods, and the sounds of the other residents are a few situations that can cause sensory overload for the survivor.


Over the last year, WomenSafe has seen an increase in survivors who enter the shelter with sensory processing disorders. Currently, WomenSafe assists these survivors by linking them to available resources and providing therapeutic materials and tools that assist in de-escalating the survivor during sensory overload. However, WomenSafe has not been able to fully meet the survivors’ sensory needs by providing a “calming room” that encourages healthy coping mechanisms while improving daily functions and providing independence and self-care.


Disbursed Budget 9.2.18

Raised = $3,225.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $92.91

Total to disburse = $3,097.09

*Construction (Estimated): $1,000.00

**Sensory Materials and Items: $2,097.09

*Construction includes paint, carpeting, padding, security, and lighting elements.

**Sensory Materials and Items include weighted blankets, appropriate sensory toys, headphones, and cushions.

Since the Construction Category is estimated, if those expenses are under the $1,000, the remaining funds will be used in the Sensory Materials and Items Category.



Original Budget

*Construction (Estimated): $1,000.00

**Sensory Materials and Items: $2,000.00

*Construction includes paint, carpeting, padding, security, and lighting elements.

**Sensory Materials and Items include weighted blankets, appropriate sensory toys, headphones, and cushions.

Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =




Supplies are here!

We are so excited that the Sensory Room Project is complete! After finishing the construction, painting, and installation of the carpet, we were able to purchase enough supplies to fill the room, and even keep a few extra items to use as time goes on. A weighted blanket, color-changing lighting, blue-tooth speaker, and a diffuser with essential oils are only a few of the items we were able to stock this room with. We could not be more grateful to the donors that enabled us to fulfill our dream. We were able to fill this room with items that clients, both adults and children, can use to self-soothe. This therapeutic environment has already began helping individuals to calm themselves, de-stress, and provide a little "me-time", which can be very difficult to achieve in a communal living environment.


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Items are coming in!

We have begun the construction aspect of the Sensory Room! Our maintenance employee started the painting and baseboard and is hoping to complete it over the next week or so. We cannot wait for our clients to utilize this room!


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