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the project

"If you empower women, you can change the world."  Tabitha's Daughters believes this assertion. 

It has been duly noted by the medical community that COVID-19 has hit communities of color exponentially harder than other communities. This unfortunate statistic is where our proposed project would focus.

We will provide self-care practices for women of color and our female community partners, to assist in procuring self-care strategies and practices that will improve the health of our conference attendees and provide education and resources around preventing the spread of COVID-19 within our families/community.

Specifically, this project would engage health professional experts in the fields of medicine, skin care, nutrition, exercise, spiritual and mental health. These experts would guide our participants in procuring self-care practices to secure their health during the time of COVID-19, and beyond.

Tabitha’s Daughters intent is to continue our community work with the Pittsburgh Gender Equity (GEC) Commission report, as the primary information source, which highlights the disparities between the overall Pittsburgh community and that of the African American community. Within this construct, the GEC report identifies black women of Pittsburgh as the most compromised group for six indicators, including health disparities.

October is Women's Health Month, so we will host this COVID-19 self care conferene during October to serve Pittsburgh women.  


the steps

In October we will host an online conference free and open to all Pittsburgh women.

why we're doing it

Empowering women to transform ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Tabitha's Daughters believes the "future is female."  Women, who occupy more space on the globe than men, must be moved to leadership positions that allow us to be a part of our own solution.  Our project, through the information provided in the Gender Equity Commission report, allows women to take ahold of our own future.  This report gives us the problems and challenges; now, Tabitha's Daughters wants to build out solutions to create equity within our city for women who live, work, worship, and support their families. 

Our project will ultimately be a solution to the statistics housed in the Gender Equity Commission report through concerted action.  Whether educational, health, housing, or economic disparities, we will work one of these indicators to viable solutions and affect change in the city.  We believe that small groups can make a difference and this project is constructed to make that difference.



Speakers Fees -                                      $950.00       (four speakers)

Conference Materials (Bags)                $1,050.00       ($35 x 30 bags)

Transportation Fees                              $   160.00       (Charlotte)

Event Space                                          $   520.00       (Pittsburgh)

Food                                                      $   500.00        (Pittsburgh)

Zoom Cost                                            $      60.00

Advertising                                            $    150.00 

Postage                                                 $    120.00                                                          

  TOTAL                                                                 $3,510.00 

TOTAL RAISED = $3,090.00 $3,090.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $46.35 $45.30
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $3,043.65 $3,009.70


Materials to host a self-care conference during Women's Month in October. 

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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