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Stephanie P
Kolbert Playground E 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11230
(Ocean Parkway)
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the project

We believe that every kid deserves every opportunity in the world to pursue their dreams in anything that they can imagine, but we also know that not everyone has the resources that enable success. In order to narrow the gap that divides access to opportunities, we provide different kinds of opportunities that match the interests and uniqueness of every child because with the proper tools and, of course, the right passion, kids can do anything.

This organization is run by kids under 18 and we create opportunities for other kids to have hands-on, real life experiences that actually contribute to the "adult" world. Sometimes, all that's needed is a small piece of childhood to remember everything that's possible with the right imagination and limitless mindset. This mindset is often underappreciated but as children, we don't overlook it. We have so many different projects and Seeds and Bubbles is an annual project that we try to restart every year in a new location and restore wildlife in new environments! 

Our selected location for this year's project is Rachel Haber playground and Kolbert Playground. The address is Ave L between E. 18 St, 11230 and
the city trees near by that area and area Ave K and East 14th Street, 11230. This location is
very accessible for our targeted multicultural age group because many young adults stay at
the park often and would like to give back to their community and join this project.

the steps

We plan
to plant a multitude of plants, particularly rosebushes, to beautify the surrounding area.
Specifically, we would like to work on the entrance area, next to the benches, and other
perennial bushes near playing areas where rosebushes are inconvenient. We are proposing to
meet once a week starting June, assuming the parks are open by then. If not, our time frame
will be shifted. For the first 2 weeks, we will plant the greenery. The next 4 weeks will be
dedicated to watering and caring for the newly planted bushes. Our end goal is to clean the
space, implement the yowers, care for them, cut them in the upcoming year. 

why we're doing it

Access to clean air and parks is in fact very inaccessible. Each year, we try to accommodate a new spot and park in a low-income area that does not receive the proper cleaning and sanitation that the parks and the community members deserve. While many of our projects focus on providing opportunities to kids that are from low-income backgrounds, the Seeds and Bubbles project is a continued commitment to providing what many kids and teens are especially excited and passionate about: environmental justice. Through planting these seeds, we are (quite literally) taking matters into our own hands and putting our efforts down to leave a better mark on the world.


Gardening Tools (spades, shovels, hose, buckets, sprinklers, trashbags)- $550

12 rose bushes- $325 ($27 each)

10 hydrangeas- $400 ($40 each/2 gallons)

10 peach drift rose bushes-  $400 ($40 each/2 gallons)

Compost- $100

5 bags mulch- $25

COVID supplies (masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.)- $100

Other (packaging, shipping, printing, certificates, awards, etc.)- $100

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

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