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the project

We have accuired access to a 20 x 40 abandoned lot on the south side of Ray's Pizza on West 82nd Street, by Columbus Ave.  With the support of the Nature Conservancy grant for Nature Works Everywhere Garden, GrowNYC and local community, we are offering our expertise in sustainability, agroecology and education to the neighborhood and three schools, Center School, Urban Assembly for Green Careers, and PS9.  

This is serving as a learning sight for best practices in whole systems teaching in applied sustainability and pan generational education.  This garden is networked with over 200 acres of prime land from the Catskills to Long Island, forming a continguous trust network of productive land for pan generational learning at the highest scale of bioregional coherence.  

From the Garden we wish to build up a troop of youth able to mass cultivate large areas of wasted land necessary for a viable local food system and economy.

the steps

We need to effectively balance all activities in the garden with the water catch, pollinator habbitat and top soil building operations.

a big piece to the whole puzzle is establishing the transportation to the sorrounding land outside of the city

we need at least 20 students of the summer to enrole in the summer program we are offering

we need insurance for those students (probably through the Lower East Side Girls Club or the Action Center)

we need community support for the reclamation of the land so no developer can build on it and the owner can recoup the wasted taxes so it can be community programmed and we can develop more than mobile water catch, but really make it a long term learning site

why we're doing it

access to safe, open, outdoor learning opportunities regardless of access and enhancing access for economically and enthnically oppressed youth of the area. 

we are doing this because the UWS is a hot spot for global community building for climate justice and it needds some grounding and the youth will change the parents more than the other way around


1000 - mobile water catch and labor

1000 - neighorhood managed composting for topsoil and labor

500 - native perenials/anuals/soil and labor


RAISED = 2000.00
less ioby Platform Fee  35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) 90.97
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 54.58



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