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the project

A Red Circle is working with the City of Pine Lawn, Missouri to turn several vacant parcels of land into a farm space where high school and college students can learn more about agriculture, growing food, and STEM through food and plant science. The farm will also serve as a way to provide much needed healthy food to the region, which is in a food desert.  

The farm, which will be named the North County Agricultural Education Center, will become part of a larger food system initiative that will involve food production, marketing, and commerce.

We are in the initial phase of this project, and this fundraiser will be used to supply the seed money needed for research, plan design, and fund development.  We will also host a community engagement forum with neighboring residents and stakeholders.

the steps

We are currently working with an urban planner, an urban planner intern, a farm architect, and a publicity intern to accomplish the task of plan development.  By working together and with the community in May, we will produce a fundable plan that involves land use information, food projections, and site information for educational space.

Another action item will be hosting a community engagement forum for residents, neighbors, and stakeholders.

why we're doing it

A Red Circle works primarily within the predominately Black community of North St. Louis County, Missouri.  We address the needs of the community by raising awareness of issues, empowering those residents who are directly affected by the issues, and by employing manageable solutions.

The work that we do and the location in which we do it, stems from the urgent need to combat systemic racism and how it has manifested itself into the food, education, and employment systems of our region.  The project outlined in this proposal is completely centered around providing Black students the opportunity to learn about food and science in a culturally responsive manner and location.

The target population of this fundraiser is high school and college students who desire to learn about food systems – growing, producing, marketing, and selling food.  

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Disbursed Budget:

Farm Architect Fees $300
Community Engagement Summit $70
A Red Circle staff time $27.70

TOTAL RAISED = $410.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $12.30

Original Budget:

$1,000 - Urban planner fees

$1,000 - Farm architect fees

$500 - Land survey

$300 - Publicity

$700 - Community Summit (space, literature, food)

$1500 - A Red Circle Staff time

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156



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