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the project

Organized by a collective of local NextGen creatives this festival is set to be a representation of everything that makes Southwest Detroit unique.

The event is composed of two-parts: an outdoor festival highlighting local artist, vendors, food, organizations. With activities in a family-friendly / inter-generational environment during the day. Followed by a concert showcasing Detroit music inside the theatre at night. 

the steps

- Create subcommittees within the larger Creatives Committee; assigning roles and responsibilities to help plan a successful event. 

- Develop a working relationship with local performance artists.

- Work with local organizations and business to promote the event to their networks.

- Ensure that the Committee's continue to develop the frameworks necessary to successfully carry out this annual event in our community. 

why we're doing it

SWFest aims to create a model for large-scale festivals that allows their audiences to understand the power of collaboration within community.

Too often, our artistic value and contributions are overlooked and/or extracted to serve the objectives of inequitable developments and mainstream media. Our efforts intend to push back on this dynamic and individual avarice to ensure that the values that have historically uplifted our communities are a driving force in the conversations on what holistic development and inclusion looks like in the future. Ensuring those who produce an arts and cultural economy continue to drive it and thrive off of it. 

The one day music and art festival will highlight 40 performing artists, over fifty visual artists and entrepreneurs, and an array of organizations who offer valuable resources to our residents.

Emerging as a collective effort among a team of young creatives and local organizations, SWFest is a completely free event that aims to provide a snapshot of everything Southwest Detroit has to offer.  

Accessibility is established through the absence of an admission fee, inclusivity is expressed through a diverse lineup, and inspiration spreads by observing how all these groups of people are coming together to uplift and celebrate each other without centering a need to profit off one another. 

As such, while we acknowledge the festival's ability to create a thriving mini-economy among those performing, vending, and sponsoring; our goal is to secure just enough revenue to establish a budget that will cover the costs of performers, activities, and other logistical expenses. 

In order to achieve this, with an understanding of the value of non-transactional relationships, all our performers have agreed to be paid considerably less than what they would normally command. Many choosing to forgo payment altogether. Donating their time and efforts to grow the communal “pot” that will help continue to fund this grassroots event every year. 

Developing frameworks like these allows us to reconsider how we work together to cover our own needs and the costs of anything that comes from outside of our organic community. Elevating a common value that exists among organizers and participants of SWFest. One that understands our unique ability to demonstrate how we want our efforts to be respected and reciprocated. By valuing ourselves and our community as we work to continue strengthening the foundations that will support future generations of Southwest Detroit natives.


Performances $3,750.00

Audio + Visual Equipment $1,500.00

Other Rentals (Stages/PortaPotties/Etc) $1,250.00

Logistics + Security $1,500.00

Supplies $,1816

Marketing/Printing $1,000.00

TOTAL $10,816


  Normal Fees Waived Fees
TOTAL RAISED =  $11,027.00 $11,027.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $210.81 $210.81
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $10,816.19 $10,816.19


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