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Martine's, Founder of Scotty's Spirit, New Credentials ~ Growing Passion

the project

My Passion Behind my Passion:

My passion behind my purpose is to assist human beings realize the Absolute Truth of Self-Worth. I believe that all people have All the gifts required within themselves to become the best person we can be. 

To unlock the ability to look on each day with peace, love, and joy as well as a hope for tomorrow. Though struggles may make us pause; we alone have the choice to allow those strugggles to stop us or to keep living - Not just exist but to live an empowered, confident, and fulfilled existence! 

"Scotty's Spirit: Say No to Thoughts of Suicide" was created in Honor of our son, David Scott. Scotty was only 22 years old when he hung himself in our barn. Scotty had emotional hurts that he chose to self-medicate with drugs & alcohol. He didn't want to hurt us anymore and thought that suicide was his only option!

I want to speak to Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Church Groups - you name it; ultimately cross the country speaking truth about a taboo, uncomfortable subject. I will also create & organize a 3 week group study allowing peer to peer conversations of what burdens the hearts & minds of attendees.

The Importance of Speaking Truth in a Real Way, with NO Embarrassment, Shame, &/or Judgement in 3 main areas:

1. Self Worth: The I Am Factor -  All of us were made for greatness, to be loved, to be believed in! Each person realizes for themselves that "Their" Worth is immeasurable, so therefore, their opportunities & options are as well.

2. Real Monsters in the closet - Eviction Notice: Drug & alcohol abuse, Bullying, Depression, Unsafe Home Life, Abuse, Thoughts of Suicide or Suicide Attempts

3. Solution Seeker: No Rugs Need Apply -  **Changing Hopelessness into HOPE** - To Be honest with yourself & to tell someone you trust who could assist in - the beginning of a New Chapter Filled with Opportunities: Treatment, Therapy: Self & Family, Coping Mechanisms for daily use, to feel JOY.

I would have chosen Self Worth vs. Self-Hate as my platform. I wouldn't have chosen to lose our Scotty.

The purpose behind my every growing passion is to ensure that Every Human Being Finds HOPE & that No more parents have to bury their children by suicide.

I appreciate your time, your consideration, & may I say in faith...your Yes Answer in providing assistance.

May God Bless You & Yours,

Martine Smith

Founder Scotty's Spirit


the steps

Scotty's Spirit; Say No to Thoughts of Suicide Action Plan:

1. Website Creation & Acquire Domain Name

2. Marketing

3. Brochures. Creation & printing of Course Material that I will create for a three week group study of the Three Core Steps of Scotty's Spirit. 1. Self-Worth 2. Real Monsters in the Closet 3. Turning Hopelessness into Hope. 4. A Journal Portion. 5. Directory of Resources that can assist in the individuals struggles they Face. 6. Note Portion. Please Note: My Research will include speaking with Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult Phycologists, Therapists, etc. to ensure the Optimal Opportunity for Self Worth Realization & Development - I have included their fees into my estimation of costs.

4. Booking events to hold Scotty's Spirit's Truth Talks: Locally & Nationwide

5. Booking Guest Speakers 

6. Moving to larger Venues

why we're doing it

If you Lose Heart - You Lose Hope!

I want to Speak Truth - All Human Beings were Fearfully & Wonderfully Made for Greatness!!

We are Losing the battle; Joy filled life with opportunities & options VS. depression, bullying, drugs & alcohol abuse, suicide thoughts or attempts!

The TIME is Now to Speak Real, Genuine, Truthful, Conversations!

The Recipe for Assisting Our Young Culture - Change Self-Hate into Self-Acceptance & Love which leads to belief in Opportunities and Options that are endless and Obtainable! 

Scotty's Spirit Slogans:

"Let's K.I.C it!" K.indness I.s a C.hoice"

"Let's C.I.K. it" C.ommunication is K.ey"


Scotty's Spirit; Say No to Thoughts of Suicide Expense Projections:

Short Run Expenses:

1. $4,250 - Continued Education &Training of Staff

2. $15,000 - Website Creation & Acquire Domain Name

3. $30,000 - Creation & printing of Course Material & Brochures

4. $50,000 - Marketing.

5. $36,000 - Staff Salaries


Long Run Expense:

1. $50,000 - Guest Speakers

2. $50,000 - Booking venues

3. $36,000 - Staff Salaries

4. $28,750 - Travel/Misc. Expense


SUBTOTAL = $300,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $15,000

Donation Processing Fee (3%) $9,000

TOTAL TO RAISE = $324,035


Please Note: I have an Economics & Business Management Degree.  I am Methodical, Dedicated, & the ones that Fail Give Up. I assure you that I Won't Give up - I truly Believe this is My Life's Mission. One Person Saved, Turned Around, & Confident is our Future!

May I say by Faith that I appreciate your donation to "Scotty's Spirit; Say No to Thoughts of Suicide“ 

Many Blessings to you,

Martine Claire Smith - Founder Scotty's Spirit

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  - John F. Kennedy

;My Story Isn't Over Yet



Martine's, Founder of Scotty's Spirit, New Credentials ~ Growing Passion

Greetings my friend,

I am proud to announce that I am now a Certified Holistic Life Coach & also Level 1 Reiki Certified. I am working towards becoming a Reiki Master. I want to obtain credentials needed to have my dream of Scotty's Spirit come to Successful fruition.

I have written "Never Too Early; Never Too Late" that will be published as a chapter in an upcoming book. I am also working to expand "Never Too Early; Never Too Late" into my own book which will be the basis for my Group Study, Speaking Events, etc.

Thank you and much appreciation to those that have donated funds & a Thank you in advance to those who will do so in the future.

Adolescent & Young Adult Suicide needs to be Eradicated!!

May God Bless You All,



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