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the project

The Collinwood area of Cleveland is a gritty little slice of heaven on the Lake Erie shore, and the Scoop on Summer is the first and only grassroots-based community guide in the City of Cleveland. Collinwood is a community rich in assets of people, community groups, nonprofits, independent businesses, parks, recreational opportunities and institutions, despite news reports that focus on our deficits.  

The Scoop collects event and program submissions from every corner of our diverse neighborhood, and turns them out in a beautiful full-color print edition that makes you feel good just to look at it, not to mention if you go to one of the free sunset concerts, nature programs, or arts happenings. It invites residents and visitors alike to come out to explore and connect.

It's free to submit content, and we distribute 15,000 free copies starting with the neighborhood schools, and estimate our impact at just 20,000 people given the anecdotal evidence that many people like having a copy on the fridge and another in the car for quick reference.

the steps

April 1: Outreach for submissions, fundraising

May 1–3: Editing submissions, layout of printed piece

May 4–6: Proofreading by volunteers

May 7: Final proof created from edits

May 8: File transfer to printer

May 14: Volunteers begin distribution to 20 neighbrohood schools, sponsors and institutional partners

May 18: Distribution throughout neighborhood & to regional hotspots

May 21–September 30: Social media, ongoing promotion and continued review/approval of submissions

October 1, 2018–March 31, 2019:  Ongoing promotion. Continued outreach for/review/approval of submissions.


why we're doing it

In January of 2007, our neighborhood was devastated by the news that the newspaper we counted on for more than 60 years, the Sun Scoop Journal, was being closed by their new owners. Without a community center, there was no way to spread the word about youth programs and free summer fun.

A small group of committed residents got together to produce a summer programs guide, and the response was so overwhelming that it has become an annual tradition. As the project has moved to electronic submissions and a year-round website, the work of managing the project has become more centralized and the need for support less apparent—folks just assume it will happen. That's why I'm excited to partner with ioby—to help get the word out about the many moving parts and budget needs behind the project we all look forward to.    



Disbursed Budget
Rasied = $216.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $6.29
Total to disburse = $209.71
Original Budget
Printing   700
Website maintenance 100
Artist Stipend 70
Outreach, editing & design 415
Distribution  55
Social Media Management  260 

Subtotal = 1,600
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $48
Total to raise = $1,683
This represents 20% of our overall $8000 project budget for the year. We expect to raise about half our funds from returning sponsors, and have approached local political leaders of funding for the remainder. Your support of this campaign will demonstrate your support of the project, and help leverage their investment in it.  
Businesses, organizations and institutions who want to serve as project sponsors are more than welcome! Please visit for details. 



I am thrilled to share that both of our Collinwood councilmen, Anthony Hairston and Michael Polensek, have committed guarantor support from their funding to guarantee the Scoop can proceed as a website and print project. Be sure and tell them what the project means to you, and thank them for their support. Or better yet, show them by making a donation today!


Thanks to our earliest logo sponsors!

I love all our sponsors, but it's so exciting when institutions get in touch in the winter to ask about the Scoop and put it in their budget. Many thanks to the good people at Cleveland Metroparks, Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development, and to Councilman Mike Polensek for checking in and shepherding the 12th annual Scoop on Summer into existence this past winter.

CNVDC and longtime partner Neighborhood Connections helped revise the project budget and timeline and encouraged me to open up a community fund campaign here at ioby so individual residents could show their support of the project alongside the logo sponsors. Thank you!




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