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Growing Great Schools
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(4 WHPS elementary schools - Webster Hill, Norfeldt, Aiken and Smith)
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the project

Walk through our school cafeterias in West Hartford and you will probably be surprised at the amount of polystyrene foam - aka Styrofoam -  used on a daily basis.  The explanation is simple: polystyrene foam is shockingly cheap and when it comes to providing a nutritious school lunch for our children every cent counts. 

One year ago Charter Oak International Academy (West Hartford Public Schools) received a grant from RecycleCT to replace polystyrene foam plates and bowls with re-usable, slotted trays, which were selected as the most financially viable, low-impact option.  Now, Growing Great Schools, a local nonprofit focused on connecting food, health, and environment, wants to help all of our schools work to eliminate polystyrene foam plates and bowls and has partnered with WH Nutrition Services to make this happen. 

We will start with 4 elementary schools - Webster Hill, Smith, Norfeldt and Aiken - which will require the purchase of 696 trays at a cost of $5.02. (= $3,493.92).  This project can have a real impact in the 2019-20 school year.  Can you help?

the steps

Step 1:  Support this fundraiser by getting donations from our community - Growing Great Schools, school PTOs (Parent/Teacher Organizations) and families.

Step 2:  Order trays (3-week delivery) and Nutrition Services will prepare kitchens with needed equipment and training

Step 3:  Final training and implementation (approx 1 week)

Step 4:  Establish feedback loop to identify and share best practices

why we're doing it

Polystyrene foam is among the worst of the single-use plastics and can be neither re-used nor recycled!   Instead, it contaminates recycling bins, is easily broken into smaller pieces and litters our sidewalks and parks destroying habitats and endangering animals of all kinds. 

Polystyrene foam products are harmful from start to finish.  Toxins are a part of the manufacturing process, leech into food on contact and remain in our soil, water and air long after items are incinerated.  Our trash facility is in Hartford where local neighborhoods are unfairly exposed to these contaminants.

These plastics do not belong on our sidewalks nor our schools...just ask our children!  


Disbursed budget:

Trays needed for 4 Elementary Schools = 700 trays

Cost per tray = $5.02

Total amount needed = $3,515.92

TOTAL RAISED = $3,605.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $54.08

Original Budget:

Trays needed for 4 Elementary Schools = 696 trays

Cost per tray = $5.02

Total amount needed = $3,493.92

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.  


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