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Book Cover for the Single Parent Community Resource Guide

the project

I plan to complete my fiction story about a homeless single mom in Cuyahoga County who goes from having nothing to being an Executive. I plan to use the story to help and to motivate local single moms. The story will tell the names and addresses of resources for families in need. I plan to highlight many unknown agencies instead of the well-known and overbooked agencies who have waiting lists. I also plan to host a book signing and book release with the money that is raised. I want to give my book away for free to at least 100 single parents. I will give away door prizes and free meals during the event as well. I also plan to have dozens of community agencies present to provide on-the-spot assistance to any families who are in need. There are so many agencies who are having trouble reaching the clients that they seek. Likewise, there are so many families who need more resources. I plan to connect these two parties via my book and this event. I went from being a low-income dropout and a single mom who slept in my car as a teen to being a doctor who studied at Harvard and Case. I am also the founder and Director of a high school, a college, and a counseling center. I could not have accomplished these things without local community programs.

the steps

  • Complete manuscript, recruit volunteers and raise funds, and finalize the agreement with the location (March)
  • Finish planning book signing and edit the book (April)
  • Market the book signing, publish the book, and purchase supplies for the event (May)
  • Market the book signing and create the website (June)
  • Book signing event (July)



why we're doing it

Many of you know that there were times that I slept in my car during my teen years. My life was rough from the start! I was born to teenaged parents in a very drug-infested community. I dropped out of middle school. Although I finally returned to high school, I dropped out again for about a year. My family and my school enrolled me into several community programs that helped me go from earning straight F's to straight A's. I received a full scholarship to college and kept going until I became a doctor. Over the last 3 decades, I've created and managed award-winning programs that have helped over 1,000 local single parents to return to high school and go to college. I have been paying it forward to the city and community that saved me from myself. I'm asking you to help me reach more families, more children, and more schools. Let's prevent poverty, crime, illiteracy, and depression. This book can create awareness about available resources and motivate people to try again. Sooo...send me your organization's name, send me money, send me days and times that you can come to volunteer, send me encouragement (I need it!), and please send up prayers for me. I love you all!


Event planner 250

Food for book release 750

Event location & Marketing 750

Decor for event 125

Giveaways 500

Total:   $2,375.00

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $75
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $2,485


Book Cover for the Single Parent Community Resource Guide


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