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the project

Greetings Family! At this time it is vitally important for us to realize that our Real history has been hidden from our Youth. So our young Kings & Queens don't know their true potential. The effect of this has caused a "TRAPPED" mentality, to survive appose to create. They've been taught systematic slavery when Factually speaking Well are God's people who originated the First Dynasty's and kingdoms. So in order to revitalize our community we must first give them the proper tools via ( knowledge & information) To build, develope and prosper.

the steps

Program structure

  • 5weeks 

  • 4days a week 2 1/2hrs per day

  • Classes heald Monday, tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 25kids per class/ two groups

  • Morning class/ afternoon class

  • Mornings from 9am-12:30pm/ afternoon from 2pm-5:30pm

Direct Benefits

  • Workforce Development programs ages (11-21)

  • Learn to structure an independent business by way of market analyses, set demographic, market research, networking, proactive production, Banking, overhead cost, Business structure by state and intro to financial literacy. 

  • Youth Build Flee market- allowing the opportunity for the youth to produce and sale products or services locally who need a productive avenue to generate income. This also gives them the ability to incorporate their new found business skills in the correct manner.( 2021)

  • Youth Build mentoring program to track the success of each students project & boost productivity after initial program is finished. 


why we're doing it

Save The Youth=Build The Block- is on a mission to Regenerate a new generation of entrepreneurs to build a workforce a development team within the community in order to develop and create jobs for At-Risk Youth who lack resources, education, and opportunity stemming from living in DYSFUNCTIONAL Environments A.K.A “Poverty”. To add this program is most certainly for those who may have gotten caught in “The Trap” Specifically our Juveniles from the ages of 11-21 who may have felonies, leaving them to live in a state of survival deprived from the necessary opportunities needed to sustain themselves by allowing them the proper resources and education vital for them to support themselves without detrimental dysfunction. (Northeast Cleveland)


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $8,913
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE= $178,261

$50,000 $1000 seed investment for Youth (×50) 

$10,000 to establish LLC for All Youth

$27,000 Dtg machine for youth apareal 

$15,900 Laptops for All Youth

$30,000 for financial Literacy instructors

$9,000 For Creative opperating space

$6,360 photo shop for All Youth

$1,590 business software for All Youth

$10150 Residual needed for opperations, Food, camera and Youth Flee Market


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