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Thank you from all of our students!

the project

In the 2016 school year, KIPP Memphis Academy Middle will be opening its first ever central school library. We are looking to fund a top-tier, professional library management system to help us retain the brand new books we are getting for our students. Using this online catalogue, we will no longer lose or damage texts, and we will be able to maintain our library for generations to come! Better yet, this online system will ensure that our KIPPsters always have books at their specific reading levels, helping them improve their reading proficiency up to 3x faster!


the steps

  1. Our first step will be to acquire Follett Destiny in May, which would load onto our school servers immediately after purchase.

  2. Next, we will scan and log all the books we have at KMAM into the new system, including their specific genre and reading level. We will also load all of our students’ information, which will include their checkout history, reading level, and interests!

  3. In June, we will order close to 7,000 new books and automatically load them into the system. We will also be purchasing and building furniture in our library space, and we would love for some volunteers to help!

  4. In July, we will move most of the books onto shelves and open up the library for business by August!

why we're doing it

Founded in 2011, KMAM opened its doors to a small 5th grade class and has since grown to serve 395 students in the Hyde Park neighborhood of North Memphis. As our first 8th grade class gets ready to graduate in 2016, we’ve realized how our school has outgrown our old library system. Before we had reached our full enrollment, English teachers were relied upon to provide books to their students in small “classroom libraries.” This was an extremely difficult task, considering the demands of instructing English in a region where less than 30% of students read on or above their grade level.

KMAM’s culture of literacy is extremely joyful--our KIPPsters read, on average, 1 million words a week (and we have already surpassed 50 million for this school year)! Every student knows exactly what level they are reading on, and they can tell you what their reading goal for the future is. We have reading blocks every day schedule just for pleasurable, independent reading.

However, most of our books came to us donated or used, and there were consequences for our students reading so vigorously. Keeping track of our texts was extremely tricky, as teachers relied on paper and pencil or web spreadsheets for checkout and return--and we were losing or damaging about 400 books a semester!

With the Follet Destiny online catalogue system, we’ll be able to make sure that students are held accountable for each book that they check out. Better yet, because the management system is so advanced, we’ll be able to make sure that students are always reading at their specific level. This way, students will be able to improve their literacy proficiency by nearly twice the normal rate. Studies show that choice reading (within appropriately-leveled books) in a central library can boost student achievement by as much as 23%!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3.16.16):

RAISED = $1,770.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $50.53

$850.00 — Follett Destiny Library Management System (year one)
$485.00-- Follett Destiny Library Management System (year two)
$150.00 — Fountas & Pinnell Book Leveling Package



$850.00 -- Follet Destiny Library Management System

$150.00 -- Fountas & Pinnell Book Leveling Package

$300.00 -- Installation and Teacher Training

SUBTOTAL = $1,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $45



Thank you from all of our students!

Dearest donors,


Thank you for your generous contributions to our library campagin! We were fully funded within just a week of posting our project, and our students are ever grateful for your dedication to literacy and education reform. With your kind donations, we are now able to keep our school's texts sustainable for generations to come! If you are still interested in supporting our efforts to bring a central school library to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Memphis, we have just begun a larger crowdfuding campaign over at Indiegogo. Please feel free to share our campaign site or video with all your friends and family, or support us in any way possible! We are hoping to find funds to purchase 2,000 brand new books for our KIPPsters, which would provide them with the equal opportunity to books that they deserve. Again, our kiddos are ever appreciative of everything you have done to keep them reading and growing! 


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