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the project

We are a group of organizers working with the Lower Westside Community Center of Santa Barbara, also known as El Centro. We are concerned about the levels of food insecurity experienced by residents of the Lower Westside of Santa Barbara and are dedicated to ensuring that basic resources are distributed in an equitable way among all community members. We believe that it is possible for every human being to live free from hunger and have access to fresh and healthy food. Through partnerships with community organizations, local farmers, food banks and mutual aid networks, we will work to bridge the gap between food-insecure communities and abundant food sources in Santa Barbara county.

El Centro is in the process of becoming certified by the Food Bank as an official hub for food distribution. While this will make it possible to distribute non-perishable food directly from the Food Bank, residents of this community will continue to lack access to fresh produce, a necessary resource to maintain a strong immune system and prevent susceptibility to Covid-19.

Through this initiative, we will provide fresh food to community members in two ways. First, we will partner with local organic farms to purchase bulk produce boxes at discounted rates, estimating 30 boxes per week. Second, we will cultivate the community garden space near El Centro called Somos Semillas. This space will be used for educational purposes as well as to empower community members to grow their own produce. We are unsure how long the shelter in place ordinance will last, but for now, we want to ensure families are being supported in accessing healthy fresh produce at least through mid August, 2020.

the steps

Step 1: Become officially recognized by the SB Food Bank as an distribution site on the Lower Westside

Step 2: Coordinate El Centro Food Distribution Program - build partnerships with community organizations, local farmers, food banks and mutual aid networks to get as much fresh food distributed to families as possible!

Step 3: Work with community residents to begin cultivating food locally through the Somos Semillas garden space

Step 4: Raise funds to sustain the Westside Food Justice Initiative through the end of 2020

why we're doing it

The COVID-19 crisis is exacerbating existing inequalities in our community. The Lower Westside is a historically low-income neighborhood where nearly one fifth of residents live below the poverty line.  Many of the families in this neighborhood are disproportionately affected by the financial strains caused by this crisis. They are experiencing increased levels of food insecurity at this time and are struggling to meet basic needs.    

There is an abundance of fresh, healthy food in Santa Barbara county. Our goal is to bridge the gap between this abundance and community members experiencing scarcity. This is a time when we must come together, support each other and ensure that all families are fed, safe, and healthy. By organizing now to meet these basic needs, our community will gain strength to work towards longer term goals of food sovereignty and self-determination.


Disbursed budget:


TOTAL RAISED = $16,219.00 $16,219.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $486.57 $485.52
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $15,732.43 $15,698.48

Original budget:

  • $9,000: 30 boxes of fresh produce per week, priced at $25 per box. This will cost $3,000 per month. 
  • $200: Sanitation and Hygiene supplies 
  • $200: Gas for transporting food from farms
  • $150: Monthly city water bill for community garden
  • $450: Top soil, fertilizer, plant starts and garden tools

ioby Platform Fee Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $309
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,309


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