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Griggs and St Martins
(Pembroke Neighborhood)
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the project

Living across from a park and school I see hundreds of people come back and forth through our neighborhood!  As it stands right now, too many people drive too fast down the street and it makes for an unsafe environment for everyone in the neighborhood!  We plan to paint colorful croswalks, put up signs asking people to slow down and provide youth programing in a safe friendly environment for our neighborhood!  


the steps


1) Identify and implement solutions to address safety issues (ongoing)

2) Engage the neighborhood and other organizations to help implement solutions for a safer and cleaner environment

3) Collaborate with Summer in the City and other community organizations on ideas and painting of  Wyoming/8 and Antwerp Park Street Mural

4) Raise funds for End of Summer Safety Zone Kickoff

5) Purchase and distriute school supplies, food and supplies for activities  (for the Kickoff and throughout the year)

6) Purchase and install Safety Zone signage and materials to enforce safety and cleanliness

7) Revitalize our neighborhood park

8) Create educational after school programs (e.g. cooking and kitchen safety, finances, etc.)


why we're doing it

The Safety Zone is a project designed to accomplish a few goals such as; traffic calming, combatting crime, and neighborhood unity.  The majority of us share the same needs and wants- a safe place for your children to enjoy outdoor activities; a clean, productive neighborhood to live in; respect for your property and your safety, and so much more.  No one person can make this happen alone but together we can create a community to be even more proud of.  Please assist Fundamental Resources, Inc in its mission to get things done and make things happen!


Immediate Goals:   1) Increase pedestrian and traffic safety with slower speed limits in the neighborhood

                                   2) Maintain clean and safe neighborhood parks and streets

                                   3) Implement safe and educational youth programming


Long Term Goal:     To maintain a safer, cleaner, brighter, smarter neighborhood in which to live and grow.


Disbursed Budget 9.17.18

Raised = $40.00

less ioby Platform Fee waived

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1.85

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1.11

Total to Disburse = $37.04

Art Supplies from Home Depot


Updated Budget 8.13.18

$400 Safety Related Yard and Pole signs


$200 Surveillance Equipment


$200 Community Event - Safety Zone Kickoff 9.8.18


$171 Funding for Ongoing Community Bridging Events


Subtotal = $971

ioby Platform Fee waived

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $29

Total to raise = $1,000



Original Budget

$4500 for traffic signs, monitoring equipment, supplies for murals and other art in the park activities, food, school supplies.

Project Subtotal:                               $4500.00

ioby payment processing fee (3%):    $135.00

ioby Platform Fee:                                $35.00

Project Total:                                     $4670.00


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