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Hey Memphis, We Can Do It Too!

the project

JUICE Orange Mound seeks to establish our annual community health and wellness initiative called Round The Mound. This family friendly event will raise health and nutrition awareness for residents in the community and open the community to the citizens of Memphis in order to improve the reputation of the community.  Our ambitious goal is to register 500 energetic walkers and runners by October 1st. 

Many 5K events are hosted throughout the city but NONE have been carried out in Historic Orange Mound.  Round The Mound will make history!  To add to the excitment of the future, a generous donor has given the supporters of JUICE Orange Mound a match challenge.  Once we raise half the cost of the event, they will be matched 100%!  Help us reach our goals and be sure to register your team TODAY :D

the steps


Permit Approval   

June 2017

Registration Opened  

July, 2017

Ioby Fundraising 

July- September, 2017


August, 2017

Marketing of Event

June-October, 2017

Planning Committee Meetings

June-October, 2017

5K Training  

September-October, 2017  

Registration Bag Pick-Up and Event

October, 2017

Event Evaluation  

November, 2017  

**Visit our website to learn more about volunteer opportunities with JUICE Orange Mound.  Our next community outreach day is on August 12th! 

why we're doing it

As the oldest African American community in the City of Memphis, Historic Orange Mound is proud of its rich history.  A community of 118 streets, 4 schools, six 100-year-old churches, and 982 lots, Historic Orange Mound is honored to be named a Preserve America Community by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Despite our noteworthy history, many current residents of Historic Orange Mound are affected by poverty.  The hope for the future is that we as a community can reclaim our self-sufficiency and pride.

JUICE Orange Mound joins a select group of established 501c3 organizations serving Historic Orange Mound.  Of these organizations, only one focuses solely on providing more access to quality food and raising nutrition awareness of residents in the community.  The Round The Mound: 5K Walk/Run Event seeks to educate residents about not only the benefits of living an active lifestyle but also the choices that can be made to enhance the nutrition value of consumed foods.  This significant health and wellness event will make an impact in the lives of entire families, from infants to seniors.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/2/17):

RAISED = $1,089.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $30.70

1) The $1,023 will go towards the purchase of t-shirts for the 5K which is going to cost roughly $2500


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 9/22/17):

SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $30



Our totat budget for the event is approximately $21,000.  We have the support of a generous donor who has agreed to match funds up to 10,500 so please help us reach our goal!  This campaign will specifically fund the race participant cost which include t-shirts, bibs, safety pins, registration bags, trophies, and food for 500 participants. 

Participant Costs



Safety Pins-$100

Registration Bags-$5000



Total: $10,500


SUBTOTAL                                                    $10,500

ioby Platform Fee                                          $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)              $315
TOTAL TO RAISE                                          $10,850


Hey Memphis, We Can Do It Too!

#teamJUICE!  We are so pleased to share the highlights from our second funded community project, Round The Mound.  On October 28th, we were able to make history and lay a solid foundation to build upon in the future.  Check out the stats below and be sure to keep up with JUICE Orange Mound.  We welcome you to become a part of the team and look forward to funding more projects with your support.  

QUICK STATS from the inaugural Round The Mound 5K:


Registrations: 185

Volunteers: 50

Sponsors: 25

Presenting Sponsor:  The Mid-South Gastroenterology Group 

Money Raised to go back into Historic Orange Mound: $5,092


Budget Update

Wow!  Who says that dreams cannot come true.  Since launching this campagin, so much has happened.  We have received numerous grants, including the Neighborhood Watch Grant and Community LIFT grant, as well as secured our presenting sponsor: The Mid-South Gastroenterology Group. All this being said, our focus for this campaign has shifted.  We have adjusted our target goal to focus on the funds needed to purchase t-shirt.  

JUICE Orange Mound is partnering with The Tee Shirt Lab, an Orange Mound Black-owned business, to place our t-shirt order.  They have graciously agreed to give us a special rate to make our purchase more affordable.  If you have not seen the awesome design for the 5K shirt, be sure to check out our Facebook page today.  WIth just $309 left to raise, we are asking our out-of-town supporters to donate $10 to our campaign.  Near or far, you can make an impact in a deserving community.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing your name as a donor.  Thank you! 



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