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the project

Each year, JUICE Orange Mound hosts the 5K called ROUND THE MOUND!  This year is the 2nd Annual event and we are focusing on raising funds to be able to purchase high-quality CONES to meet the standards of the Memphis Police Department.  Cones are extremely expensive so we are reaching out to our supporters for help to secure EIGHTY 28" cones in preparation for the 2018 5K on Saturday October 27th.  

We hope to see you support our campaign and the 5K.  Be sure to register TODAY here:

the steps

September 3rd: Launch the ioby campaingn for 80 cones 

September 30th: Celebrate reaching our goal of getting 97 supporters to donate $15 towards the purchase of a cone 

October 1st: Purchase 80 cones from Amazon

October 3rd: Post a picture on social media of new cones--thanks Amazaon Prime :D 

October 27th: Debut the cones on the streets of Orange Mound for the 2nd Annual ROUND THE MOUND 5K 

why we're doing it

Cones are extremely expensive.  We live in one of the most philanthropic cities in the United States.  Lietenant Smith commented "Oh yeah, I remember you guys--you had the cones that were flying everywhere."  We have over 2000 followers on social media.  We only need 97 donors to reach this goal.  We are a 501(c)3 organization so essentially we are asking you to borrow the money and you will get to write the donation off on your taxes.  Cones are expensive.  #smile 


Disbursed budget (11.30.18):


RAISED = $60.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1.75

Original budget:

In case you did not know, CONES ARE EXPENSIVE!   We managed last year to borrow enough cones to host our first 5K but would love to have our own set--especially since this event will be annual. 

Help us secure EIGHTY 28" cones which come to a total of $1454.  Each cone is approximately $15 so help us out by purchasing a cone today!  Our ambitious goal is to get 97 supporters to give $15.  

Don't forget to also register for ROUND THE MOUND 5K!  The event is around the corner on Saturday October 17th.  Join us for food, games, special guests, and more! 

Register HERE:


SUBTOTAL .                                      $1,454
ioby Platform Fee                                $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)   $44
Total to Raise on ioby=                       $1,533


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