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5315 Hillcrest Street
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the project

Because this building means so much to so many people who grew up in the Garfield community, it's necessary to preserve this space. As many of us know, we didn't have many ammenities or recreation and meeting spaces in the neighborhood, which makes this project even more important. We currently house after school programs, summer camps, and if you grew up in Garfield you more than likely took part in the Garfield YMCA day camp and youth programs. This building will continue to be a place for youth and keep its tradition of housing day camps and after school programs for youth living in the Garfield and its  surrounding neighborhoods. 

Fixing the roof is critical to maintaining this building that we know is truly a Garfield asset/landmark. This building will continue to be a part of many Garfield generations to come. 

Join us today and be a part of the team of Garfilians who will make this happen!  

the steps

As soon as possible, we will restore this roof. We are trusting that by September of 2019 the project will begin. 

why we're doing it

This place is a historic landmark in Garfield. We will preserve it as a place for future generations to experience what many who grew up in Garfield experienced through the programming that took place in this building. 

Currently this building is owned by Brothers and Sisters Emerging and the Garfield Gators. We would like it to always remain in the possesion of people who grew up in the community, from the community, and have a heart for the community. 


Seeking to repair the roof to maintain this great Garfield landmark. Cost of roof restoration is $20,000.


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $620
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,655


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